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Sunday, May 10, 2009

No time for the old in n' out, love, I've just come to read the meter.

3d Realms has died.

Shocking news. But not entirely unexpected. Considering how rare the output one couldn't expect them to last much longer. It is a shame that the amusingly never-released but long advertised Duke Nukem Forever will never come out. I can think of no more proper an end to a game destined to be vaporware, than for it to indeed become the most infamous tale of vaporware imaginable.
How often does this sort of thing happen? Where a joke becomes reality and is actually even funnier?
Their site remains functional. One does have to wonder how long for though. How long until Crystal Caves and the famed Dopefish become but a nostalgic memory in the eyes of the kids who played them and are, today, adults. How many will remember Wolfenstein being the first time they saw a polygon? How many people will remember soaring through canyons in Terminal Velocity? Fighting the multi-armed boss robots? Collecting giant glowing "afterburners" before diving into a tunnel? Who will remember dumping buckets of slime upon vocabulary-devouring slime monsters in Word Rescue? Who will remember that shooting a turkey leg with a laser will turn it, mystically, into a whole turkey?
Much like the much more pathetic demise of Midway, this is another coffin of an old developer floating down the river. One does have to wonder what will become of the assets. Of the artists who worked there for decades. R.I.P. Apogee

It shocks me how the time has passed. It seems like just a little while ago I was a depressed pacifistic giant child in middle school, playing SODA Offroad Racing. What an escape those games were. I still remember the starting music of the motorbike game that I loved....."Gravity, it's not just a force, it's the law"

What beloved studio is on the chopping block next I ponder. Perhaps Team17? Camelot? Hudson Soft? Rare? Treasure? One can only wonder, in this age where creative games are becoming a burden on the ever more grey and brown video game industry.

Someone needs to wrangle Éric Chahi into developing a new game.

Work slowly plods ahead on Polypeptide.
This current scene uses very little color. Its mostly dark greys and reds and greens with a few flashes of lights and color.

The trailer to Disney's newest animated hand-drawn film is out. It looks gorgeous but damn is the trailer masturbatory. I get it. You have had great past success. Just show me some new footage, god damn. Who does their marketing? Give em a slap. Other than that it looks like it fell out of 1995. But with a digital makeover. I'm lookin forward to it. Please god, let this movie be a success so 2d can thrive in american theaters again.

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