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Friday, July 03, 2009

Looks like we might have another Grockle problem.

As of late in the process of doing a new project for weebl (my own take on his cartoon Scampi) I've found myself very busy. Yet at the same time very bored. Its done now, but to cure the delirium me and my friends Mike and Raphael have been subjecting ourselves to bad horror films as usual to see what new amusing things have come along.

The first was a small extremely independent film called Small Town Folk. Apparently made for like 4,000 bucks.

The good is that it had a really creative cast of villains, each with their own distinct look and personality. Something I cant say I've seen since the Devil's Reject by Mr.Zombie a few years ago. Plus it was intentionally funny at quite a few parts which was nice. It didnt really have much of a plot. The main bad guy, who was played very well by an actor I've not seen before, kidnaps a pregnant woman and then drags her out onto a field with some his buddies and sings some cool nursery rhymes. Then his house explodes and he gets his ass kicked. Odd.

It reminded me alot of Skinned Deep. Senseless but fun to watch. And the people behind it obviously have an imagination.

Oddly both Skinned Deep and Small Town Folk feature really bad green-screen effects akin to an episode of Tim & Eric and both films also feature a very muddy Warwick Davis.

The next film was called A Mexican Werewolf in Texas.
A film about a town in texas called Furlogs or something that inexplicably gets attacked by a werewolf.

The good part of this was there was no CGI used. All puppets. And thanks to that, the werewolf creature in question looks rather cool. However the movie suffers alot from SHAKY CAMERA SYNDROME where the directors thought having the camera get kicked through the air like a hacky-sack during an action scene made it more intriguing. The movie also featured the usual cast of cliche characters found in these:
A.) smart scientist guy
B.) stupid local sheriff + deputies
C.) nutcases who think they are experts
D.) college kids who serve as monster food
E.) stupid blonde ditz who exists only to get naked

The last flick was a film called RAZORTOOTH

Shot in florida, this film is about a large mutant eel that escapes a lab (dont they always?) and proceeds to flop about the everglades throwing random people in trees as opposed to eating them.
This movie had a CGI monster which looked pretty good for the most part. Particularly at the end when the local sheriff wrestles the creature in the water.
In this film the Sheriff is smart but the townsfolk are stupid. WHAT A TWEEST. Also the eel in this film seems to be able to change its size.
At one moment its small enough to come out of a toilet, the next its large enough to swallow a man whole.
The movie also pulls a completely bullshit "THERE IS MORE THAN 1 EEL OMG" thing at the last moment in the most stupid cliffhanger ending imaginable.
The movie also features public domain music you've heard in cartoons before.


A few days ago a copy of a game I bought came in the mail
What was it?


The wii version is a bit different. Certain things have been made easier, certain things have been made more difficult.

Klonoa is one of those game series that the company who produce it don't see fit to advertise it that much. Which causes them to not sell well. Sadly Klonoa does not have much of a fanbase. Which is a shame as they are all excellent adventure/puzzle games with brilliant art direction.

I must say what I really like about this remake is how nice the graphics are. Rather than just transferring the animated-gif style are from the Playstation version the game has been completely rebuilt graphically. All the characters now support some very nice bumpmapping and shading. Alot of very pretty shadow, texture, and water effects adorn the game as well.

They added HORRID english voice acting too but luckily I can easily turn that off.
I am reminded also how much more difficult the more restrictive game boy advanced versions of klonoa were. They were basically physics-based puzzle game with a similar control scheme to their console brethren.

Perhaps Namco will one day see fit to port Klonoa 2 to another console. Or make a brand new game. I doubt either will happen. Ah well.


In other news, my good friend Hans Van Harken finished his new cartoon with a bit of my help. A tiny bit.
I showed a bit of it on this blog before but now its done. You should really watch it. Its an epic western in cartoon form.

Here it is:

The Ballad of Cripple Kane

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