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Thursday, July 09, 2009

So you're the stranger who dares to dream in my empire?

I beat Klonoa tonight.

Overall it wasn't too difficult. At least not for anyone whose beaten a platformer from the 90's anyway. Definitely a hefty chunk easier than the original one, if only because your health bar was alot longer and your 'reach' is alot farther when it comes to grabbing enemies.
The ending is still the depressing ending that it always was. For those who've not played a Klonoa game, the game features reoccurring characters BUT has avoids its own canon story on purpose. Klonoa 1 ends with Huepow, Klonoa's little green friend who's actually the prince of the moon kingdom, informing Klonoa that he DOES NOT EXIST and that all of his memories are manufactured by Huepow and that once the world ends and is reborn, Klonoa will be gone with it.
And so the world ends, and Klonoa gets sucked into a vortex, Huepow cries as Klonoa is sucked into a black hole, and the game ends.
BUT WAIT, in the sequel called Lunatea's Veil, Klonoa reappears in a weird new world without Huepow to power his ring. He was called there by a weird dude called the King of Sadness, and there he meets a priestess named Lolo and her friend Popka. Lolo becomes Klonoa's new BFF and powers the ring he got from Huepow. And the King of Sadness is trying to royally screw over the world. So after you go through all sorts of hell and defeat the King, have Lolo fall in love with you, etc etc, Klonoa leaves the world WILLINGLY this time.
BUT WAIT, in the next game called Empire of Dreams, Klonoa wakes up in a town, and is arrested for dreaming by a purple cat giraffe thing called King Jillius. After you go through some of the hardest levels ever in a video game, and finally defeat his assistant Bagoo, all with the help of Huepow again who is SOMEHOW hangin with Klonoa again, Jillus wakes up. And it turns out the whole game was a dream. WAT.
BUT WAIT, in the NEXT game called Dream Champ Tournament, Klonoa gets into a big contest with a bunch of other weird imaginary creatures and Huepow is still hangin around. And guess who shows up out of nowhere? LOLO and POPKA and then who else shows up? Joka, the assistant of the villain from the original game whom you MURDERED IN THE FACE by throwing animals at him. OH and guess who else shows up, CHIPPLE, a kangaroo from the last game which apparently never occured because it was a dream in King Jillius's head the whole time. But you and Chipple know each other anyway cause....just cause.

And thats just a basic rundown of this series chronological plot. I think the whole point of it (much like Kirby which Klonoa is very similar to although much harder than) is that each game is like some weird new dream. None of it is real and nothing that happens is canon. Although Kirby does have a canon plotline to the games that continuously gets more disturbing as time passes.

And thats it. There's no other rational explanation.

Doesnt matter anyway, the last Klonoa sold like shit and I'm sure the franchise is dead now.



Anyway enough discussing the ins and outs of a videogame that noone outside of Japan seems to like. MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS ARE AFOOT. AND ANOSE. AND AUVULA.

As anyone who visits this blog regularly (which according to google is roughly 11 people FUCK YEAH) may have noticed that this blog has been redesigned again.
Every little while or so I like to take this massive hunk of emo whining, pointless rambles, and art of varying quality and completely reshuffle it. Luckily, blogger is open source and lets me do whatever the heck I want with the CSS code. Sadly I dont know CSS or HTML really, which makes coding this stuff quite a steamy pile of salmon.

One thing I've been yearning for was a 2nd Sidebar. Having only 1 sidebar was getting silly. The links section in itself is enormous. And it was pushing down the blogs I like to keep up with way down so I had to scroll very far.

One would think that adding a second sidebar to something as simple as a blog would be a simple task. Sadly blogger's 'dashboard' editor doesnt let you just DO that. You have to edit the html.
Or upload a template. But uploading a template causes all of your links/widgets/gadgets/swatches/blingees/duplos/yingyangs/ticktocks/knicknacks/wangchungs to all get deleted.
Which means adding a new sidebar required a great editing of style sheets, content wrappers, and other terminology I do not know the meaning of but are apparently very important because when I fiddled with them turned the blog temporarily into a horrifying abomination the likes of which was unfit to be seen by man or beast.

Luckily for me I found 3-4 tutorials which all explained different ways how to do it. I took bits from here and bits from there and VOILA!!!!
I had a new sidebar. Sadly for myself when I tried simply dragging things from the original sidebar to the NEW sidebar, all their info got deleted (THANKS BLOGGER) and I had to go and find the web-addresses of all the things I like again.

I also fiddled with the size of the text since the body that the blog posts themselves go in is about 2/3 the size it used to be.

I also changed the backround of this thing. The original was a pastel-colored bunch of pink blue and green rounded rectangles floating about. It was time for a change. And one thing I knew I wanted to do was actually DRAW the new backround as opposed to making it a bunch of drag and drop shapes.

And so I did! Its much more....orangey now.


Time as of late has not been spent on polypeptide but instead on a rather large painting of all the various characters from the zodiac I've been working on.

HOW LARGE IS IT? Well the file is 300mb. Of course when I finally export it as a bitmap it wont be nearly that big.
And I think I might finish it later today.
If so I will update this entry and post it here.

I hope I do finish it today. I really need to get back to work on Polypeptide.


OH one last thing. If you ever get the chance to see this movie:

or as it has been retitled:

see it.

Its a surprisingly excellent little flick that more crime thriller than it is monster movie with some very good competent acting, good writing, and great direction.

It actually reminds me of Shyamalan's work back when he made good movies.

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