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Friday, August 21, 2009

I felt my undertaker carry me away. He didnt ask my name. He wanted it that way.

If theres one thing that puzzles me to this day its how Macromedia (now a part of the giant amorphous man-eating blob that is Adobe) has managed to not fix anything that is wrong with Flash.

I use Flash Mx.
I always have and, god willing, I always will. Mainly because its the fastest version. And it doesn't have GIANT tabs at the top of the screen that shrink my drawingspace.

Flash Mx has its fair share of mindless glitches. Random lines that explode out when you draw something. Whole drawings disappearing forever when selected. Or my personal favorite: when you fill a drawing with color, it turns the linework all the same color.

It goes for alot of things in the program. Like how skewing an object with the 'perspective' envelope causes whatever is being skewed to fly off the screen into no-mans land.

Or how if a cartoon has a certain number of scenes, the sound WILL go off-sync no matter what you do.

These are glitches that slow down production on ALOT of things that should and could be made easy in this software.

Yet, year after year, Macromedia and Adobe have blatantly refused to fix these glitches.
Consider these are problems I have in MX. Software my father bought for 100 dollars back in 2002. It has been 7 years. 7 YEARS ADOBE.
And since then we've seen many versions of Flash go by.

Flash Mx
Flash Mx 2004
Flash 8
Flash CS3
Flash CS4

And the only real difference in any of these versions is, much like photoshop, all Adobe has managed to do year after year is add more effects and tools which noone uses because they slow playback to a standstill and usually cause the software to abort itself.

CS3 and CS4 all have the same glitches. And due to a poorly-thought-out and badly designed skeleton system, CS4 now comes with a few dozen NEW glitches to work with.

I KNOW I'm not the only person who has these problems. There are WHOLE FUCKING WEBSITES devoted to people taking screenshots of these glitches, and mocking Adobe for NEVER FIXING THEM.

And yet...the trend continues. Each year Adobe continues to take the same 3-legged horse, paint it a new color, and sell it to the public for the now HILARIOUSLY inflated price of 700 dollars. At least photoshop doesnt have any glitches I've managed to find, although it too is far overpriced.

When you buy Adobe Flash CS4 Professional here is what you are getting:

Flash MX with blur effects, a broken skeleton system with no undo option, and file-wrecking glitches and problems that should have been fixed almost a decade ago.

It's understandable why so many people are jumping ship on this company and finding alternatives.
I dont think I've seen a company deliver software with such incompetence since Microsoft Photodraw. (those who have used this know what I mean).

I cant stand this. I wish some indy programmers would develop a patch that would fix this shit since Adobe are too busy wiping away their golden tears with their stacks of cash to care.

Speaking of flash, here's two new screenshots from Polypeptide.


In other news I finally found a way to get a decent framerate going on in tf2 besides the usual 10 frames per second I usually have to play with.

I found a code online that said 'mat_showlowresimage 1'
And this worked. It made team fortress 2 look like an N64 game, which caused the framerate to go up quite a bit for me. But it had a drawback. Any graphics which used PNGs were compressed to the point of being JPEGS. Jpegs cannot support transparencies like PNG's can. So anything in the game that had any sort of transparency to it (explosion particles, chain link fences, shafts of light, any floating icons, animated blood) turned into GIANT COLORED SQUARES AND RECTANGLES. Obscuring my vision. Which is bad for a first-person-shooter.

So I had to convert back. I needed a way to make the game compress the bitmaps of the game without subtracting their various alpha transparencies. Well I found it in the form of two codes.

mat_filterlightmaps 0
mat_filtertextures 0

These worked wonders. And I got to be an effective attack engineer for the first time in a long time.

Building a Dispenser: 100 Metal

Building a Sentry: 130 Metal

Killing a Heavy and Medic with only your wrench? Priceless


Sir Thomas of Binkleshire said...

Nathan, when I saw the 2nd screen of polypeptide that you posted, I crapped my shorts. What are you going to do about that?!


Anonymous said...

I use flash 8

and those screens of polypep are looking very nice

and do you mind me asking where you put those codes in for tf2? Or how you put those codes in?

The recommended settings for me are a little bit above the lowest you can get, but even when I lower the settings to that, I'll usually get a nice little slideshow and I have to w+m1 everyone as a pyro.

It's kind of annoying.

Anyway good luck with everything