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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I understand the reasons but the system gives me horrors

First things first, as this is my blog and I am a glutton for self-righteous advertisement, here again is a link to my NEW WEBSITE.


now with that out of the way onto the rich literal content that I fill each blog post with.

They are delicious.
Thank you.


I do have some actual important news though.

Just a bit ago, two famous artists decided they were going to be doing art classes. One was John Krifaluakskasiiasi and the other was Bill Plympton.
Had I the time to fly to new york I probably would have tried to get into the Plympton class.

Honestly thats one of my dreams. To have a master of animation teach me something. Like if tomorrow Richard Williams said "I will personally teach people the skills to animate like the Masters of Golden Age animation."
I'd be over there so fast they'd have to test my gender in south africa.

Heck even if it were someone who isnt considered a master of old-school animation. If Marc Craste or Michel Gondry or Chris Cunningham suddenly out of nowhere were like "i will train someone in the art of filmmaking" I'd be all like :D

But I just dont have the time. (or drive.)

HOWEVAH! My good friend Bug has made it into Bill Plympton's class! Which is good. Bug seems to have been a bit down on his luck as of late. He wasn't feeling like he was getting anywhere, but now he's happy because he will be getting training from BILL FRIGGIN PLYMPTON HOLY SHIT!!

For those who don't know who Bug is, then you should visit his website.
He is a good..... internet friend. (a term we both dislike.)

Brandon 'Bug' Clark

So in not too long Bug will be shipping himself off to this animation crash course.


In other news (my usual segway into another topic) I put some new old pieces up on my art portfolio.

Including a new painting I did early early yesterday.

Theres always been two (well more like 2.5) versions of the comic book DC villain known as the Clock King. Much like Doctor Death, Solomon Grundy, Black Mask, Shade, Dr.Light (oh lord), Toyman and Captain Cold, the Clock King was a villain who was always a bit more goofy than threatening until someone came along and breathed new life into the idea.

So, I decided to come up with my own version of the Clock King. A sort of combination of the William Tockman and Temple Fugate versions of the character.

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