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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Nothing, Circadia Senius

Moving day.

Today is the day I move.

Its a weird sort of day. Have alot of furniture to pile into a truck to drag to my dad's place (where I'll be living for the next while or so). In about 5/6 hours or so.
Luckily I planned ahead and moved most of my gobbeldy gook ahead of time. However I'm sure it wont make the move any less taxing on my brain and my body.

Over the last two days I finished one of the most complex shots in polypeptide involving a car crash. Alot of effects animation plus other stuff all crammed into like 4 or 5 seconds of fiery footage.
I'll be honest I really didnt think I had it in me to make a shot come out as nice as this did. I've been watching the scene in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker where the Joker pilots the satellite through the city blowing up things with a massive death ray. Studying those explosions to I could make this look right.
the scene in question is here.

Because it has been such an antsy night and an antsy day, I decided to paint. Found a creepy photo of a basement and decided to paint it.
It came out....kinda....impressionist looking I think.
Probably because it was a speed painting I did in like 6 minutes.
Either way I'm happy with the way it came out. Doesn't look like the stuff I usually paint.

Maybe it's a sign that I'm moving forward in terms of my art.

Who knows.

Anyway its time to drive to a small family reunion elsewhere and give them a piece of my mind I've been meaning to give them for a while.



Naxster said...

Now that you don't seem to give two squirts of piss about newgrounds I have a couple of questions:

Does this mean that your power of three is effectively dead?


Will you be doing any collabs on the Backalleys in which you might be co-authored on Newgrounds?

Not question :-)

I like the basement painting even though you took only six minutes on it. Then again I'm attracted to dilapidated buildings, trains, cars, boats, planes and the like. It's almost like it has an unpleasant story to tell to which I'd lend an ear to listen.

Sorry about the deletion but I was testing the environment and getting rid of a comment you already answered.

Take care.

ZSL said...

i shall answer you questions, naxbeast

1.) my power of three has been dead for weeks. it seems each time i get paired up with a programmer, they either get lazy and abandon the project or just mysteriously disappear after i've made loads of art and assets for the game. this has happened to me like 4 times now. i'd love to find a programmer one day who actually wants to complete a game's production, but apparently they are a dying breed on the internet. :S

2.) honestly the only two collabs that came out of the backalleys were the "funnies" and me and bug and the other people involved in those agreed we would not be making any more of those a while ago. they had run their course. and that is the joke. here is a wikipedia article EXPLAINING IT!!