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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I thought the company's name was Sumdac

Well I'm officially settled in.

Its really weird, waking up in a different place and thinking 'this is where i will wake up for a long time'

The actual move itself was horrid.

If anyone is interested there's a big pond in a tampa neigborhood that has a bunch of statues thrown into it.

My relatives were all condescending to me as expected. Didn't listen to a word I said. Just complained about 'living in the past' as if it somehow made my points of argument unworthy of mention.

Sickens me.
But that's all over with now. At least now it means I have no reason to ever go to Miami ever again. Saves me a 6 hour car ride.

I threw away just about everything I owned, keeping only things that still brought me joy, and essentials.
Packed it all up and took it to my dad and brother's place. Shoved it all into the room my father kept his album collection in (really good albums. Like original White Album vinyl records and such. it's very impressive.)
Spent the last few days trying to get over this awkward feeling of being here all the time while continuing to set up my new 'place'

things i've done:
1.) found my old Alan Parson's Project album.

2.) finally bought a new bulb for my lava lamp. It hadn't been turned on in at least 6 years. But it works good as new now, surprisingly.

3.) got out all my old comics and art. cringed violently at it.

4.) gotten my poaching pan back so I can make myself delicious eggs. eggy weggys.

things i need to do:
1.)burn all my old comics and art. not all of it. just the comics maybe. mainly because I made them before I actually got well-read and never realized what cliche, contrived, and trite garbage they are.

2.) scan dustbunnies and publish it already. still the only comics I've made that are worth giving a damn about.

3.) fold my clothes which are all in a garbage bag still. then place them in my bureau.

4.) get cable working so I can watch my tv. thanks to antennae not working anymore (thanks digital revolution!) the only shows I get are Static, Welcome Back Static, and Late Night with Static.

5.) build a PC that doesnt SUCK and place it on my clean desk. Move my stuff over to there.

6.) Pin up my poster of the movie BRAZIL once it arrives. It shall sit proudly alongside my Dark Crystal, King Kong, and Banjo Kazooie posters.

I've been busy lately. Sending my demo reel and portfolio to whatever video game companies I can find.
My normal cashier job is becoming VERY aggravating as the company I work for slowly and painfully goes out of business. The new managers are basically sending us threats and blackmail through their very wide fake grins and while I've had to deal with people like this before, having it coupled with the fact the job has become a race to memorize as much bullshit as possible and then hawk it all to people in the span of 20 seconds has made it overall unbearable.

I have to get out of here.

I've also been busy working on a new cartoon based on an idea given to me by Skoo (the 2nd half of the mindpool of weebls-stuff) all done in a black and white 30's cartoon style. Although alot more violent.

Today inbetween shoving packages around and unpacking I did a speed painting (well not that speedy. took me like 4 hours.) of a forest and a road running through it.

Like my last painting of a cracked wall that I did before the big move, it doesnt look like the things I usually paint, and thus I'm pleased with it.

I'm really pleased with the road itself especially. It gives the effect of "hey this guy knows what he's doing when it comes to painting shadows and water!" when I honestly do not know how to paint those particular things well at all. A blessed accident.

I was gonna post a new screenshot of polypeptide but I JUST PLAIN OL DONT FEEL LIKE IT.


sparkpro said...

I must say that is a really neat painting. So neat that I decided to make it my desktop.

Willem Wynand said...

=) goodluck with all your bits and pieces yeah =) hope you find a swaav job animating stuff =) or even win some festivals or somthing =)oh and hope you settle well....defnitly sounds weird coming from a stranger lol but owel haha

Anonymous said...

Go back to newgrounds and kill those faggots.

Kitty LeClaw said...

I thought I was the only one who called them eggy weggys!

Very spiffy blog you have here -- love the design!