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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind.

Mike moved into his new apartment.
Its very apartmenty. We went there and I tried some weird rum I'd never had before. Then he, me, and Jack had some very thin cigars on the balcony.
Its a very nice place.

Being nacho connoisseurs, we have discovered that pouring a whole bag of this stuff onto the chips before we apply the various cheeses and spices really gives the chips a delicious juicyness. Moreso than refried beans or chopped cilantro have.
And its got a bit of spice to it as well.

If we had some Caribbean jerk seasoning they would have been perfect.


The cartoon I am making for weebl and skoo marches on. Over the last few days I have animated a man having his face torn off, thrown, splattered on the wall, with his eye disconnecting on impact and landing in a martini glass.
Obviously I'm not going to post the whole swf here, since its a job, but I can show you this little bit here.

This will probably be the most gruesome thing I've done since Meat Grinder some 3-odd years ago.


For those who have ever wondered how low i have to make the settings on this older-than-the-internet pc, here's a couple of screenshots of what Team Fortress 2 looks like for me. If you are someone who normally plays on high settings with HD skins, you may want to avert your eyes:
(no my steam name isnt that funnyclown thing you see in the top right. just another engineer)

go ahead and full screen these to get the full effect (sans reggie).

Note: even on these settings I'm lucky if I get 20+ fps on this thing. Hence, I often have to play classes that dont rely on aim as much, like soldier, engineer, pyro, medic.
Somehow I manage to do decently. Go fig.


I've gotten to see two very STRANGE but very enjoyable films these last few days.
The first was a movie called Goliath by The Zellner Brothers.

Its a dramedy of sorts about a guy who's life is going to shit. He has no friends, he just got divorced, was embarrassed at a funeral, and got demoted at his job and has to hang out with his coworkers who harass him and call him 'bitchtits'
Yet he's pretty ho-hum about it all. Its not until he sees the horrific death of his beloved cat, Goliath, that he snaps and decides to unleash his anger against the local neighborhood sex offender.
Gave me a good few chuckles and has a very heart-wrenching climax.


The other film I saw was THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO, by Rob Zombie. Very loosely based off the comic books of the same name.

This may be one of the filthiest films I've seen. Like seriously. I've read Robert Crumb, and seen some of the most hilariously sick anime that leaks out of the dark corners of Japan, I've seen enough smut, porn, and snuff movies to last me a lifetime (especially snuff). But wow this movie is just overloaded with perverse things. And all the sick stuff in it is played for laughs. Thank you, Rob Zombie.
Has a spumco/billy+mandy/spongebob/looneytoons sort of look to it. Very fluent, lots of crazy facial expressions. And despite being an american adult cartoon, its animated really really well. Smooth. It also has Paul Fuckin Giamatti (worlds greatest actor) playing Dr.Satan in it. Which makes me a very happy chappy. And the icing on the cake is that it also has some very good music and songs throughout. It also has NAZI WEREWOLVES!!

i'm hungry imma get some food.


rainbowrideralpha said...

Man your music player's so good. I go to your blog almost every time I work on flash just for that music player.

Polypeptide's looking very nice. That isn't the monk that's getting his face ripped of, is it? Never mind you'd probably be giving away too much.

And on tf2 I'm oska5000/spzattk I don't remember which one because it's my brothers account, but if you want to be creeped out and not add me you can just read this so anyway

Also have you seen Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland? It's on youtube.

It's a kids movie so it's cheesy at times, but I think it's pretty underrated.


ZSL said...

That movie is amazing. A bizarre and rare combination of american and japanese art.