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Monday, September 21, 2009

I went down like a rag doll as you would, child

Mike had a big party last night at his apartment. Everyone was there. Even Joey. Even Eric was there, who flew down from Chicago to visit his brother or something. The night beforehand Mike took a whole watermelon and diced it into many small cubes. I bought some lime vodka and poured it into the bowl all the melon cubes were in. They soaked overnight in his fridge, absorbing all the vodka.
Needless to say, they were quite tasty. Best party favor ever? I think so. Mike managed to cram about 20 people into he and Alec's apartment.

Alec showed me the new Monkey Island game that came out, which was wonderful. Limited 3d stuff done just right to give the game that wonderfully cartoony hand-painted look. Same oddball sense of humor. Then he showed me the re-release of the original Monkey Island game which was completely redone from its old 16bit art into fully painted graphics with voicework and everything.

Then everyone passed out. Being a nightbird myself I played Team Fortress 2 for like 6 hours until everyone was up again.

A good night.


Six days ago Cartoon Network did the first good thing it's done in a long long time.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was released on DVD. For those who live in caves, eat rhinos, and yet have internet access....Flapjack is one of the best cartoons on TV in quite a while.
The story of a young optimistic and way-too-affectionate boy, his best friend who is a drunken blue pirate malcontent by the name of Captain K'Nuckles voiced by Bill Murray's brother, and his mother, an affectionate and adoring but tough whale named Bubby.
The show is brilliant. Not only in that its animated wonderfully (the amount of insane poses and visual magic onscreen is great to see) but the characters are so endearing. Rather than simply have them be flat, they actually have personalities.
You end up feeling SAD for K'nuckles because everything in his life has gone so wrong and made him such a hostile curmudgeon, you get to see Flapjack experience the dark horrors of the real world, you get to see Bubby break a few of her own rules for self-gratification.
Its great. It straddles that fine line between 'cute' and 'horrifying' and enjoys jumping it often.

Cartoon Network, for whatever reason, doesn't put out DVD sets often. I'm still shocked they put the Powerpuff Girls on DVD, considering the show was like a decade old (and thus worthless by television exec standards).

So to see a show that's still brand-spanking-new get special treatment is really quite a nice change of pace, and hopefully helps the show continue to do well.

To celebrate I did a painting of the characters as best I could.


A few months ago Mike went to Metrocon here in tampa dressed as the Spy from Team Fortress 2. We made quite a few masks for him to wear at the convention. And I was the official mask holder. A shameful job.
It turned out to be a big hit. Or as big a hit as a character based on an obscure american pc game could be in a convention full of people crossdressing as Sephiroth, Cloud, and other awful Squaresoft characters.

Anyway, QUITE ALOT of pictures were taken of Mike, but alot of the funniest ones (or ones I thought would be funny as hell anyway) never seemed to leak online.

Here they are.

The first image is Mike hiding amongst several Chobits cosplayers. Chobits is a mange by CLAMP (aka The Lanky Moe Brigade) and the story is about a guy who finds a robot girl who has no personality and gets turned on both physically and electronically when he fondles her. She can only say one word. Another shining example of how fucked up Japan can be at times. And how little they value women in the media. Hijinks ensue.

Here is Mike with a Sailor Moon mask. Behind Mike to the left you'll see an absolutely wretched creature. Usually a rarity, the "Neckius Beardamus" or "Geek" tend to come together in large herds wherever animation, comics, or videogames are present in quantities superseding the demand. This particular one is of latin descent (note the moles). Its name is (or was) Nathan Malone and as you can see by this image, and the look on its face, it was contemplating suicide at the point this photo was taken. It was later shot and made into dog food. The dog then died.

But at least now you all know that when I draw myself as a big fat hairy guy who looks dead inside, you know I draw the truth. LOOK UPON YOURSELVES WHY DONT YOU. IT IS UNTO YOURSELVES YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING.


I need to scan some of my hand-drawn art. So that it is digitally preserved.

Also for those of you who live near Steak n Shake here in the south, you need to try their guacamole burger. It is great.


In other news, Billy and I are still looking for a site to sponsor our little game. Of all the sites we sent it to, the only ones who actually gave us feedback was a nice person named Robin over at gimme 5 games.
So I think we're going to have some good luck over there.


Oh yeah.

Here is my new site again for those who did not know yet but probably do because I have put it all over the place into every nook and cranny I could find like a cockroach.


Sir Thomas of Binkleshire said...

I can tell Micheal is invoking my spirit in the second picture.


MrScriblam said...

while i was reading this wonderful post full to the brim with action and excitement your flash music player was playing I Am The Walrus by The Beatles.

At one time that beast of a player terrified me every time it started playing but now i see the light and i see that it is good praise allah

rainbowrideralpha said...

Dang nice fan art

And I never understood why anyone would want to go to an anime-con; it just seems so crowded with socially awkward and unfunny people.

LIKE: guy1 dressed as goku says kamehameha while guy2, dressed as cloud runs about .3 mph, again, RUNS .3 mph, towards guy1 with a sword and everyone laughs for 15 minutes. That's just my impression

but to be honest I got a good laugh out those pictures. That look on your face is priceless

Johnny Coolguy said...

zekey is latin
i had no idea
the video was...
i don't know
the flapjack art was very nice
i saved it
good to know you're still alive