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Thursday, October 01, 2009

You are the pure light of destruction. This is how it begins.

Unlike the last post, this post has no art or anything of interest in it at all. Just general news and douche-baggery.

For starters I'm 24 now. I spent my birthday as I spend most days. Animating. Eating some tasty burritos at Tijuana Flats. Playing Team Fortress 2. Chatting with friends.
But I got 20 bucks. Which I will most likely spend on alcohol. Which will most likely come from Mr.Dunderbaks. Which is like the best restaurant/bar I've ever come across. It has delicious handmade german food. And crazy foreign beers. And dudes in leaderhosen and tyrolean hats playing german music on accordions. Giant steins. And so much good beer. So much.

Speaking of good food here in tampa, my father and I happened upon a LOVELY little place just recently that we'd heard about in the Creative Loafing paper. Which is a local rag that provides good reading material often. Either way, it was talking about a pizza restaurant we'd not heard of called Wood Fired.

Basically if you go on Bearss Avenue and just travel you will eventually pass a plaza that has a Beef O' Brady's and a Cody's Steakhouse.
And in between them is a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny little place with a red sign using that 'spooky' font that most word processors come with. Bright Red. Saying WOOD FIRED.

The guy who owns the place also is the chef (the only chef) and also built the wood-fire oven that he cooks the pizza in. He also grows his own spices, makes his own dough, cheese, etc. Everything is handmade. And because its cooked in FIRE it cooks really friggin fast and is all deliciously smokey when it comes out.

Definitely the best pizza I've had. Thus far. I havent been to Chicago and tried the pizza there yet (which I hear is KING) but Wood Fired is some DAMN good food. They also just got their license to sell alcohol so now theres a second reason to go there.

As far as pizza places go, that place has been the best. A close second goes to Mamma's Pizza. On Dale Mabry, near Tijuana Flats, Mamma's Pizza was a little joint stuck between a Scuba Diving Supply Store and McDonalds. It was always recognizable because for one thing its been in Tampa FOREVER, and two because it had a bright orange striped neon sign.
Some of the best pizza you can ever eat was served in this place.

Recently Mamma's merged with an equally good place. The Green Parrot Pub, which is only a few blocks away, also on Dale Mabry. Green Parrot is one of those rare bars where the food is actually really damn good. And NOW Mamma's is inside of it. So you can go there, get some vodka, and eat a really GOOD pizza.

The other place I thought had excellent pizza was a chain of italian bistro's called Bucca di Beppo. The place sat next to world's oldest red lobster. Sadly it closed its doors and died last year. Which hurt me internally.

Anyway all this food talk has made me hungry. On to personal business.

For starters me and Billy released the game we've been working on for forever now called Arthropod. We contacted alot of game websites and other possible sponsors. Most didnt bother to read our email (typical with any large business) and the few that did wanted us to completely retool the game to make it easier. And some were just complete dicks to us. (also typical with any large business).

So, despite the fact that I left newgrounds quite a while ago, and Billy wasnt much a fan of the place either, we put it up on newgrounds anyway. And surprise, surprise, everyone thought it was too hard and hated it. So Billy had a nervous breakdown because months of work went out the window. And I just smiled at seeing another failure I was involved with die.

But, such is life, NO? We put a Mochiad on it just in case it makes any money. I believe we have made 25 cents.

Anyways, for those who wish to play the game You can just click here.

Billy is back, however, and is interested in finishing the sequel (which was technically already done by the time we released that first part.)

My friend Manwith10toes was telling me the other night about how much money people who are youtube partners get. Its alot. Like a big pile of money. Like bigger than an eclipse-class star destroyer.

So I figured, since Youtube has seen fit to dump giant ugly ads on EVERYTHING I have ever put up, why not make it where they pay me to do that same stuff?

So I applied. I assume I wont get to be a 'partner' because I'm about as popular on Youtube as rectal cancer, but I gotta try.

Speakin of youtube videos, the whole thing that sparked this was when I decided to upload an old hilarious crappy obscure cartoon I made in 10 minutes with my friends.

And there you go. I hope that brightened up your day.

I have nothing else of interest to talk about really.
So enjoy this picture I made today using that medieval clipart thing:

time to play some kirby air ride and maybe go to bed.


Anthony said...

I remember your taste for good cartoons and flicks. And for great music too.
Now I'm gonna play that game of yours.

Johnny Coolguy said...

Scoot hath absconded with ovr flag?
I doth hope ovr Fire-Starter possesses the prowess to stop the rancorous villain!