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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A cat that could play? A mouse that could waltz? GOOD HEAVENS

Nothing to say here. Seriously giving consideration to quitting my job at the video store. Apparently we wont get paid extra for having to work the holidays this year.
Which for some reason our company is open EVERY DAY EVER including christmas and new years even though noone comes in on those days. Plus our new manager is being a massive dick as of late and slowly everyone is quitting. Since the change in staff, everyone has had to do alot more work, with no incentive. We havent had a raise in years. We still get paid basically minimum wage. We still have to wear expensive khaki pants while doing the equivalent of janitorial work. And the worst part is that the new managers have lumped all their duties on the employees so they can hover around all day making sure we're complete and total asshole salesmen to each and every regular customer who comes in just wanting to chat about what movies are good this week. It's driving business away. Which considering how many stores they shut down, is sort of the opposite effect of what they should want.
But this company has always been run like shit.



On a happier note I've been working for weebl for roughly a year now I think. I think thats a pretty special occasion. Still the best job I've had so far is working for him. Much better than my video store clerk job. It's a real hoot.

In 3 days I'll be turning 24. Things could be worse. Much worse.

I'm definitely going to make myself a new PC soon. I'm tired of having my online games look like this:

Speaking of team fortress (one of the few games i play regularly that isnt kirby or puzzle game related) I drew an amusingly terrible piece of art of some of the games characters.

However not all the art I've drawn this week is terrible! Some of it even approaches the lofty goals of 'meh'!

Behold the tripod creature thing.

And finally, the best thing I've done recently. A drawing of the criminal / hoax that is the Mad Gasser. A person (or persons) who poisoned people in the 1940's with an insecticide-shooting flit gun.

And thats all there is.


systech said...

the mad gasser of saskatoon? yeah, he's great

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and all that jazz...


Thanks! I love your style and colors, great stuff!!!

Greetings from Argentina! :)