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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo

No big news today. Today's blog post was brought to you by the letter "f" and is mostly an imagedump.

Some quick notes:

-- I'm still working on those illustrations for the History channel. And it's going very well, they seem to like my work.

-- The Gorillaz are on WIRED which I assume means the new album will be out soon. The two singles they released earlier this year were lovely, so I am a happy clam. Or oyster.

-- I might, MIGHT, have gotten a promotion at my regular job. More word on that later.

-- My son from the future named Elias came to me in a time machine. Sadly he arrived with no skin and fell to pieces before he could warn me about some terrible thing happening in the future. I fed his remains to my pet shark named Loafa Bread.

-- My internet got upgraded for free from my provider. I am now running at about 10mb per second as opposed to the previous 4/5 mb/s that it was before. And it may get even faster over the course of the next few days.

-- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia may be the best show on tv right now.

-- The Ed Edd n Eddy Movie and the Season Premier of Deathclock were both fucking incredible and made amazing ratings. I hope someone at CN gets the message.

-- I am all the ham.

-- I made a painting in complete drowsiness of what I think is a scene from a movie. Here it is.


And here is the dump of images.
These come courtesy of my friend Mike who has the fastest computer I've ever used. He plays Team Fortress 2 and is probably the best spy I've seen. I've seen him kill 10 people in a single life and not get caught. Scary man. Anyway, these are all the amusing screenshots he's taken of the game.
I post them not just because they are funny and/or cool but also because, for those who dont play the game, you can see just how pretty it is.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, why cant more games be stylized in a fun way?

Anyway here's the pictures.

The two-headed Heavy.

This sums up how you will spend most of your time as an Engineer these days. Dead. It's a hard knock life.

Crit sandwich. Dopey smile.

Faceplant. And a scout nimbly sidestepping the pipebomb.

what a horrifying image this is.

this is just a cool shot of two people in motion.

an engineer tired of being killed by everything has his revenge on the most overpowered class in the game.

this perfectly sums up tf2. two soldiers. two teams. two hats.

Doing a split? In the middle of battle? For shame.

Scout battle. A common site in 2fort, a map commonly referred to as "blech"

Badass mother SHUT YO MOUTH

Wow he really hates this wall. I wouldn't want to be that wall. No sir. W+M1

What a great spray. (a spray is like a decal you can put on walls and floors).


More sprays. Mike's nickname when he plays is Jigglypuff. Can you guess which spray is his?

An engineer crammed into a dark corner of the Goldrush map. Lookin spooky.

Neither me nor Mike have any idea whats happening here or what this is.

A soldier falling down a hole in Hydro. Hydro is a great map that sadly often ends in Stalemates due to it being...dare I say....TOO balanced.

A glitch that made me go "wat"


I just remembered.

I actually uploaded some animation that almost noone has seen before.
My friend Hans van Harken of Havaha was making a game a while ago. Like a year ago. And his coder abandoned him.

So, Hans gave me the OK to upload the animated intro to the game to the internet for all to enjoy. Hans is a big fan of the animation of Saul Bass. So alot of his cartoons and short films all have a bit of a Saul Bass look to them. He's an amazing writer though who is currently writing what sounds like will be an amazing dark comedy about 3 ex-cops trying to clean up their city.

Anyway, I had to animate in Hans style for this, and I'm actually pleased with how it came out as, it really doesn't look like anything else I ever make.
Plus Hans got perhaps the best voice actor online, a man named Tomamoto, to voice the really angry red guy in this.

But enough jibber jabber.
Here it is.

Maybe if I bug Hans enough he'll want to do something else with these little military characters.

Either way I need to get back to work drawing Grand Central Station. Don't kiss the cat if it has fleas.

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Johnny Coolguy said...

Man, I love Team Fortress 2. But I play it on the 360 and get no updates. I really need to get a Steam account.