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Monday, November 16, 2009

Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Oh I'm da happiest christmas tree.
A ho ho ho
a hee hee hee
Someone came and they found me
oh lucky lucky me

Its nowhere near the holidays but I already feel like it is. Maybe because its so damn cold lately.
I really need to invest in a new pc already.

Mike got a free cat. A friend of his had two stray kittens and she gave him one. Little fellow is tiny and pitch black and surprisingly tame for being a stray.
He gave it a cool name based on an ancient city. Which I cant remember now.

Actually I think its Sebennytos because he wants to call the cat "Seben" for short.

Either way the cat is quite cute, as kittens tend to be.

This has been a very productive week:

  • I finished alot of things for that History Channel job.
  • I attempted to make a new painting using a photo reference. I personally think it came out looking like a complete piece of shit. But apparently 1 out of every 10 doctors likes it. So enjoy. Yes the metal thing is a photo. Its a long story go away. Credit goes to ry99an for taking the picture in the first place.
  • I managed to work on the very violent cartoon again.
  • I uploaded a whole pile of crap onto youtube.
  • I painted some textures for a pc game a friend of mine is making.

Here's a screenshot of aforementioned violent cartoon:

awww look how happy he is. too bad a knife is about to be plunged into his spinal cord.

Not long ago my friend Billy Monks hatched an idea for a platform game with my friend Bug. Bug currently is in a class with Bill Plympton and thus has no time to do the game's graphics. So my other friend Lenkobiscuit was brought on to do the character animation. I'll be painting textures and backgrounds.
Unlike our last game Arthropod Armada (which apparently everyone except the French hated), this time we're putting a 2d character in 3d sidescrolling enviroment ala Klonoa, Mischief Makers, Paper Mario, etc. In the game you play a knight named Radish who has to save other vegetable named people. You will have the ability to change gravity which will hopefully lead to some interesting puzzles. No idea yet. This one is mostly Billy's baby. I'm just the graphics guy.
Either way, here is a test of the textures on the tile-based cube enviroments you'll be fiddling with in this.


And as I also aforementioned here are all those things I put on youtube. For the most part they are things that I either entirely forgot I made or felt were so AMAZINGLY GOOD that I had to share them with the public like the big arrogant fine artist I am.

A music video I made for a contest on aniboom which if its not entirely obvious from the video itself, that I had no real chance of winning.

old music video made for my friend mentally detached who still appears to me from time to time like a phantom. this is quite old if the scraggly lines and poor animation dont clue you in.

something silly about a onions and knives
theres actually rather dark connotations about this one if you dwell on it
:[ now i've made myself sad

I made quite a few "experiment cartoons" using my friend Mentally Detached's music
exp04, then exp11, exp 16, and then finally experiment 18.
Now that wasnt all of them. The still unreleased polypeptide is technically experiment 19.
And there was actually an unfinished experiment 15 I made. Obviously I did not finish it. And I doubt I will for any reason other than a lack of drive and time to do so. So I cleaned it up and put what little in it that was "decent" up.

This next thing was a cartoon based on a silly idea about team fortress 2. Because Flash sucks it was unable to export it as a video properly so it's missing a small chunk in the middle and its missing its ending. Faced with a lack of an ending, I put a BRAND NEW ending onto it which I think is much better.

Before I left Newgrounds as the place nosedived into a socialist version of deviantart, me and a friend of mine named Fatbadger made a bunch of very silly short cartoons based around different subjects.
One in particular was based around Chiyo Chan. A character from an anime called Azumanga, which is actually a very funny show.
So, I made this. I have no regrets.

And finally this weird little thing called 14 which is also a music video to my friend Mentally Detached's music.

Oh and I almost forgot this one.
I dont have a good explanation for this one.
Lets just say it was made as a gift for someone who didnt deserve it.

I may upload more stuff on an alt account but that's still up for debate at this point. Particularly some incredible stupid (but funny) megaman cartoons I did earlier this year.

In complete other news I got to finally ride in the Metal Slug (my favorite arcade game) tank vehicle in the Mario Kart map in tf2 the other night. How to describe this map.
I guess imagine a giant rectangular racetrack, COVERED in every internet meme and joke you can possibly imagine, with loud music playing, whilst 3d versions of the karts from mario kart, the bikes from Excite Bike, and the catbus from "My Neighbor Totoro" make their way slowly around.
Its one of those maps you dont play seriously in. Just grief and explode around.

Other than that, nothing interesting to report.
If found a FANTASTIC new restaurant that has become my favorite. But a few minutes away from here, squeezed into a tiny unwholesome corner of Dale Mabry, is a place called the Pita Republic.

MY GOD. This place has replaced the Pita Pit in my heart for "best various foods crammed into a greek taco"

Its SOOOO good and SOOOOO cheap. As of late I have been subjecting my mouth parts to a particularly great one called the Texas Pita or something. Basically its a pita with spicy rice, roast chicken breast, pepperjack cheese, and what I think is the best chipotle pepper sauce I have ever had ooze its way across my tongue.



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