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Friday, December 25, 2009

Found the plowman chased the piper


All my online buddies have been buying me games on Steam lately.
On the first minute of christmas my J Seed sent to me, a copy of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on Steam!
On the second minute of christmas Billy Monks sent to me JUDGE DREDD: Dredd vs Death on Steam!
On the third minute of Christmas Sinister Mentor sent to me the HD remake of Serious Sam on Steam!

This prompted me to draw this illustration describing how J_Seed gave me a game right after I told him not to buy me anything else since he already bought me Gary's Mod.

I also bought my friend WPS the Platinum Edition of Warhammer.

Mike wrote an amazingly badass new poem called THE SCREAM OF THE DRILLS
I think we may try to make a film of it.

My job for the History Channel is OVER! It's done! And they sent me the other half of my money! Huzzah!

In similar news, my lovely boss weebl informed me that in January we will start working on another set of cartoons for Cadbury's chocolate! Hoorah! woohaH!


Also the website Arts Projekt want to interview me about stuff. I think thats pretty coolio.
Hopefully I am not boring.

My copy of the movie The Passenger arrived today. The Passenger is a very well made and funny short film made by this guy. It took him about 7 years to put together. And he made it all himself. Including the great music within. And now I have it on DVD in nice sharp quality! Sweet.


Lights please.

And lo, the wisemen of Youtube did looketh into the skyeth and said amongst themselves "Truly people art streaming audio off our videos for their blog music players. We shall rapeth them royally" and set off.
Across the desert they traveled, hoping to find the find the source of the stream.

Meanwhile a cavalcade of bloggers lay in the fields of Internetrion, minding to their posts when a great flurry of popups appeared. They were frightened and ducked for cover.
But the popups raised their middle fingers. And then spoke.

"Do not be afraid. For I bring you bad tidings of GREAT annoyance! Unto you this day is born a new policy in the city of Bandwidthlehem! Rejoice! Rejoice! Praise Google in the highest!"

And then a multitude of the hellish popups joined in and praised youtube and google and all the horrible things they do.

But lo, Mixpod did steppeth forward and sayeth:

"Well you wreck a pretty good blog my son, but give the coders their due. I'll beat a fiddle of glass upon your ass cause I think I'm smarter than you!"

Fire on the Blogspot, run boys run
Infringement's in the house of the dying fun
Trackin those hits and raking in dough
wanna hear music? no sir, no

And so they traveled, and there, Mixpod did findeth the new Policy. Wrapped in swaddling webcams in a manger full of gold bricks. And Mixpod then did taketh a large steaming nut-brown shit on the Policy.

And from that shit, A NEW MUSIC PLAYER WAS BORN. One conceived in the idea that all men are created equal. That two wrongs don't make a right. That cake is delicious. And that if video plays in the music player, it follows the rules.....technically.

And a great many bloggers did rise their tired fat bodies from the ground and jiggled their rolls and handles mightily. Creating a sweaty cacophony of joy that rang across the land. Also creating a stench of cheetos and diet coke that wafted across the land.

Great peace befelleth the world once more.

~ The Book of Google 3:14



...........that's the real meaning of christmas, Charlie Brown.


The abridged version of the above story is that youtube wont let mixpod stream audio off youtube videos. So mixpod made players that show the video as well.

So you may notice there is now a new music player at the top of the page.
You may also notice it sometimes plays little videos as well.

It was a bitch to set up. I also had to redo most of my playlist.
I also had to host some songs to get them in there.

Either way, that playlist I posted in the last post is no longer accurate.
Here is the new playlist.
Its not much different than the old one.
It will be updated regularly until I get it sorted to what it once was again.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
And possibly a happy Hanukkah.

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shadow of chernobyl is a cool game