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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

myth always slaughters reason if she falters

I guess last November I missed a mildly important event. A musician I really like produced a new album and I didn't get the memo. But then I dont know anyone else who listens to this guy, so I assume it's pretty normal that noone was around to give me a heads-up and say "Hey theres a new solo album out this winter. Looks like it will be pretty good"

Regardless, it came out in early November, and until tonight I hadn't gotten to listen to it.
Not until tonight.

The release in particular I refer to is "The Music Scene" by Blockhead.

I've just finished listening to the whole thing and my mind is trembling. GOD DAMN, this guy is good. Yes the music is amazing. And its alot slower-paced than his last album and feels alot more "chill" in a way.

Blockhead music is hard to describe. Ambient hip hop? Urban monk hymns? I can't describe it. It's great however.
And hey, guess what.
You can get all 14 of his new songs and pdf with some stuff in it for a measly 5 bucks. Support the man.

Ninjatune has some of the best indy artists around these days. One of the few labels I actually care enough about to bookmark them. Yet I somehow missed this news. I SHOWED ME A THING OR TWO.

Despite being forgetful to forget that, I wasnt forgetful enough to forget this next piece of news:

Christmas was a few days ago obviously. I got some albums from my brother (last year he gave me The Best of the Prodigy) and this time around he got me some Alice Deejay, LTJ Buken & MC Conrad, Chemical Brothers, Basshunter, and Aphrodite. A good selection. Been bobbing my big head to these beats for the last few days.

My fathers gift was quite a surprise.
Unbeknown to me, a new version of Art Rage came out. Art Rage, being the software I used to draw about 90% of this crap.

Art Rage 3. And what a perfect piece of art software it is. The reason I LOVED artrage in the first place was that its painting tools felt like PAINT. The strokes moved and smeared like paint. Unlike most everything else where it feels like I'm just putting down semi-transparent strokes of circular blobs.

But there were 2 things Art Rage didnt have that it's competitors did.

A.) a good selection tool. I like having a magic wand at my disposal to select only parts of a digital canvas.

B.) the ability to blur layers.

Well guess what? It has those now. And they work perfectly. Art Rage 3 is now the best art software for people with tablets and tablet pc's.


I already used the new "watercolor brush" in the software to make this quick painting:

I love this new brush. Its soft, the paint mixes very well like it has alot of thinner in it. Gives everything a nice smooth look.

I saw Avatar with my friends Mike and Jack.

Here is my "review" of this film which i'm pasting from a forum I spam on.
I apologize if this review offends you but if you ever read or watch films on a regular basis you should really know better.


wow who WASNT expecting the guy to befriend his rival in the tribe? who WASNT expecting the same rival to die trying to help the main lead near the end? who WASNT expecting the blue mewtwo chick's father to die in that tragic tree falling scene? who wasnt expecting the lead to ride the big red bird lizard at the end because the blue people's respected ancestor rode one? HERP DERP MILITARY IS HIVEMIND OF STUPID AMERICANS. HURP DURP ALMOST NO BLACK PEOPLE IN FUTURE. HURP DURP LETS DROP A BOMB DIRECTLY INSTEAD OF A TACTICAL WARHEAD FROM A DISTANCE BESIDES IT BEING 2154. HURP DEE FUCKIN DURP. ANGRY MILITARY BUMBLING GUY HURP. HERP DERP THE GRAVITY IS LOW ENOUGH TO MAKE MOUNTAINS FLOAT BUT PEOPLE FALL LIKE ROCKS FROM THE SKY ANYWAY. HERFY DERFY LETS CALL THE MINERAL OF THE FILM THAT THE EVIL HUMANS WANT "UNOBTANIUM" YEAH THATS SO CLEVER OH GOD POOP IN MY MOUTH.


fuck sakes
they couldnt even be bothered to come up with unique names for the things in the film.

i bet that panther lizard thing was named "shadowdark" or "darkblack" or some other retarded name.


most hilarious scene:

"This is our sacred tree. The spirits of our dead brethren reside inside it. It is very wise and sacred and respected."

And its clearly sex because the blue mewtwo lady is clearly sitting on the male mewtwo's pokedick. And moaning in her creepy mewtwo voice.

And despite the "corporations and capitalism and mankind is bad while nature is good" theme that the movie beats you in the face with using its large hands of ham, the movie is heavily sponsored by MCDONALDS. Wow! I can't think of a more indy natural producer of mass produced BURGERS than old Mickey D's! (i love mcdonalds by the way but this was a STUPID thing for them to promote.)

Especially considering the amount of nudity in this film and McDonalds is marketing it to kids...for some reason? Two giant blue cat people having loud tree sex is ok for kids? For happy meals? The near constant nudity and forest of blue penises and nipples of the CGI tribe people is OK for kids? Watching the SAME naked CGI people get blown to pieces and shot to bits in incredibly violent action scenes?

what? WHAT?



all this movie needed was the wilhelm scream and someone to utter "ITS GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE" to run the whole cliche gauntlet.


best realistic cgi ever. no uncanny valley here. the blue people looked ALIVE as did the animals.
really lovely creatures and environments. theres a literal zoo of bizarre alien monsters and plants in this film and if they release a 'monsters manual' for it, I would totally get it.
good action scenes. but its James Cameron. thats like expecting good explosions from Michael Bay.
GREAT cast and voices. Alot of relatively unknown actors and actresses who clearly put their souls into this generic adventure movie. Sigourney Weaver as usual was amazingly good and stole pretty much every scene she was in.

AND A ROBOT KNIFE FIGHT. best part of the film was that. a robot mech wielding a fucking huge knife. A friggin MechWarrior looking robot gets its gun yanked out of its robot hands and PULLS OUT A HUGE KNIFE. And proceeds to go combat-style on one of the blue people. Amazing. Whatever Oscars this film will unfortunately win I hope at least one of them goes to whoever gave that robot a knife.

Decent enough to spend money on. But damn. My worries that it would be "DeviantArt the Movie" were scarily accurate.

Hey I'm whoring myself on the blog again. I added some new stuff to my Zazzle account.


In the latest update of Team Fortress 2, one of the new weapons was one that Valve got from a fan who posted his idea on the TF2 message boards.
So, I decided to flesh out an idea me and some friends had, and made a giant thread about it with some scribbly drawings. I wont be linking it. You dont even play tf2.
Anyway, here's the only drawing for the thread I made that I spent more than 20 seconds on.


Anyway. Blargh.
The Library Tapes remix by Machinefabriek was taken offline. And now I cant hear it in my music player no moe. A saddening event.


Hey I totally forgot I uploaded the final episode of "Hangin with da Bros" this episode has very little footage of me but does have plenty of footage of my friend Eric who came down from his fancy school up in Chicago to visit us.

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