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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not Chuck, though. You killed him.

Here's something me and my friends do when we are at cheap restaurants that have toy crane machines.

We search for....the Watcher.

Now who is the Watcher? Who Watches the Watcher?

A simple question.

With a simpler answer.

The Watcher is that one toy in a toy crane vending machine that is hidden. It is never picked. It is entirely hidden except for one thing. Both of its eyes remain exposed to the outer realm. In this way, it can proceed to observe everything that passes by the machine. See each person who comes to stare at the toys. Unaware that it is watching. Always watching. And waiting.

But unbeknownst to the Watcher itself, is another even more sly character.
The Watcher who watches The Watcher.

This toy is identified because its usually sunk even deeper into the writhing mass of stuffed animals and dolls. But one of it's eyes remains exposed, bathed in the lamp light of the machine. It watches the Watcher. A silent vigil. A watchful protector. A dark knight. Ensuring the Watcher never makes it's move.


It's all about balance.

I just finished a new Creme Egg thing and have nothing interesting to type about.


here is an amusing picture of me laughing at some other engineers in an idle server.
Its the Silly Hats Brigade! Having no hat is ALSO a hat! Ain't that somethin.

hats hats hats.

I may update this post later with something worth reading (he said implying there are things worth reading on this blog).

Although most likely I'll just make a new post.


Destination Imagination is on. This is an incredible animated film. Why did Cartoon Network never put this on DVD. They show it occasionally but never put it on DVD. WHY?

Seriously see it, if you haven't seen it. I love Craig McCracken.



Pixar's UP was nominated for Best Picture! Holy shit yes! YES! This is great for animation. Thank you Academy for not screwing up yet again!

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