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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nature is Satan's church.

This has been a pretty good week.

For starters, weebl put up the first episode of Goo's Got Talent on Youtube. I'm really pleased with how the last act came out with the creme egg's hair tipping over and squishing each other. I'll probably put that in my next demo reel which I'll make at some point this year god knows when.

Simultaneously, I uploaded my fake trailer for the new Hong Kong Phooey movie to Youtube.

A chap named Eddsworld who is more popular online than I'll ever be added it to his favorites. Which caused all his fanboys to swoop in and reply to his amusing comment on it, because they are so desperate to be his friend. I enjoyed banning them. Didn't ban him though, he's an alright chap.

Also yes there REALLY IS a Hong Kong Phooey movie being made.

The next good thing that happened is I got the script to the NEXT creme egg cartoon which I am working on as you read this right now. This one is a bit shorter and I think a bit easier to do.

So huzzah!

Another good thing that happened this week was seeing two movies.

The first was "The Lovely Bones" which is Peter Jackson's new film. It's a great movie and alot better in terms of storytelling than Avatar. Not nearly as pretty. But still, a damn pretty movie. The "flaw" of the film, if we can call it that, is that it jumps between being happy to being horrifying and depressing very quickly which apparently is annoying people.
Either way, the way I see it is, if you loved "What Dreams May Come" starring Robin 'holy dicks i am a good serious actor' Williams, then you will love The Lovely Bones.

If Stanly Tucci does not get nominated for SOMETHING there is no justice.
Oh Stanly....why art thou so fuckin awesome?

The SECOND great film I got to see this week was Lars von Trier's new film:


This film is slowly getting banned everywhere and simultaneously, scads of people are WALKING OUT during showing of it at film festivals.
And not because the movie is bad, but because its so weird and grotesque. I'm not going to spoil anything but basically Willem Defoe (worlds creepiest man) is having rough sex with his wife (you see his dick go into her vag. no really. this movie is off the wall.) and as they do so, their toddler son manages to climb to a window and hurl himself out.
He splatters in slow motion onto the street below.
So the two of them decide to go into a cottage in the woods to try to get over their grief.
And at that point, the most marvelous and disgusting and amazingly entertaining things begin to happen. Things the likes of which I cannot talk about here. Because that would ruin the shocking entertainment value. See it. This movie contains alot of scenes of genital mutilation. It's very nearly a snuff film. But simultaneously, the gore is not the point of the film. Theres a very disturbing allegoric story underneath about two very guilty people slowly going mad in the woods due to some devilish power overcoming them.

Something else good happened this week.
I played a lovely game which I got for like 4 bucks called Killing Floor. Despite having the worst designed menu system I've seen in a game since Pax Imperia, the game is extremely fun.
Basically you and a squad of armed gunmen in gasmasks, hoods, hazmat suits and such, have to run about an area of britain while hoardes of different kinds of zombies come at you.
Unlike Left 4 Dead most of these area are very tight, meaning you have to fight the zombies head on, with no room to run away. Simultaneously, the zombies are VERY strong and you are very NOT strong.
The only way to win is to keep yourself constantly checking around and making sure you dont run out of ammo. Inbetween zombie bouts, a shop opens for about 1 minute where you can buy new weapons and magazines for your weapons. If your teammates dont have enough, you can throw them "loads ah monay" so they can buy themselves some nice stuff.

I find myself QUITE partial to the Hand Cannons. Two large pistols with very big bullets. "Two great bloody 'andfuls."

Originally this game was a mod of Unreal Tournament. You can feel it too, in the way the characters jump.

I like it alot. After the first few frustrating minutes trying to figure out how to get bullets in my guns and aim, it became a very VERY fun shooter. Like if counter strike and resident evil 4 had some sort of child, it would be this game.

In other good news which has to do with games, my idling in TF2 has paid off.
For I now have a hat.
And wow lucky me, its for my favorite class in the game: The Engineer.
I am now a bald engineer! sans hardhat! cool story! bro!

Most engineer have a hard hat. A scant few have a cowboy hat or a mining light helmet. And even tinier few have a train engineers hat. And an even TINIER few have the ability to be bald.

On another note: Default is the sexiest most amazing tf2 server owner ever.

And yet another good thing this week is that I managed to get my spray working again. My lovely polypeptide spray may adorn walls of maps once more. So if you happen to see this anywhere, then congrats, you've caught me in a rare moment of free time spent gaming and not working!

Watch out for skrulls. Good night.


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a bout a year, and today I took a look at the people in my friends idle server and noticed someone had a very "Zekey" avatar. And by god it was you.

I found quite odd.

ray said...

chaos reigns

Felix Colgrave said...

I would love to see this Antichrist movie. I was contacted today and asked to animate a scene for a short film- the script has an immense amount of penises in it. It's definately not as dark as this little gem you've found, but I do get to animate a gay robot orgy for a semi-serious film, so I have no complaints.

JonSaskawan said...

Eddsworld fans are creepy...