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Friday, April 02, 2010

Frankenstein Earphone Radio Parroting Puppet Gangster Slave: Do not DARE to repeat any part of this truthful message!

It's done.

The final episode of the Goo's Got Talent series is live and out on Youtube. I had to sling this one together in about two days but it was worth it. Now I am free once again.


Speaking of Youtube, I bring possible great news, maybe.

Youtube emailed me once again saying they wanted to make me a Youtube partner underneath two of my videos. The first being Video Footage from Mars which trolled alot of morons (somehow) but Youtube wont approve it because I cant prove that the photos within it are public domain.

The other video they wanted to make a Partner video (which I DO have the rights to) is......gasp.....Spooky Scary Skeletons! I guess because it finally eeked past 20,000 views after a mere 3 years on the internet! Wowie wowie wow!

Sadly, despite covering it in ads as per the agreement, I dont have the ability to add specialty banners to my films pages or my main youtube home page. Which I guess proves that while I may be popular enough to have ads on my cartoon, I'm not quite popular enough to be allowed to customize my page. Slighty saddening.

On another note, I'm not even sure if it's making any money per click. Although I doubt it will, either way. Everything I make has a popularity half-life of about a month.

I suppose I will know if when I check my Google Analytics thingamajig at some point and see I've made more money than usual. Fun fact: the ads I've had on this blog since like 2005 have made a total of 1.26


Either way the time has come to wait patiently to see if Youtube allows me the freedom it allows its other partners. But considering the whole site just had a metamorphosis with a HIDEOUS new page format, I will doubt it!


Being finished with these Creme Egg things means I am once again free to devote what little free time I have from my loathsome job at the video store to polypeptide and occasional bouts of gaming.

Which I'm fine with. I really am hating my job more and more as each day passes. We're so close to bankruptcy, and in its desperation, is making everyone work even harder in a futile effort to save the corporation. It's hilarious in how pathetic it is, yet stressful. An unpleasant combination.


Speaking of gaming, here is the FLAGPOLE OF MODERATION that me and the other operators of a minecraft server made.
It has a flag of each major OP on the server. I am the green skull.
Was a fun project.

Thats about it really. Before I go, I implore you all to listen to this.


How to Train your Dragon was fucking excellent and you should go and see it.

good day.


Willem Wynand said...

How to train your dragon was rad =) i was suprised dreamworks actually pumped out somthing good lol.
Goodluck getting your youtube sponsorship =) and cheers for the update

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