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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I am gettin' eaten? I am skeleton eating?

Hey I got another freelance job! Yay! But that's not what's important because YOU dont CARE. Plus I cant talk much about it anyway!

So here's news I CAN elaborate on:

Ever since I finished up the last episode of Goo's Got Talent, I've had not much to do in terms of art. But ever since I started making those things more than a 2 months ago, I've been itching to paint.

At first I felt like painting a path through a green mossy forest. Then I felt like painting an abandoned building. Then a monster breaking out of a test tube. But eventually I ended up painting this instead.

A Charger from Left 4 Dead 2. Maybe the best painting I've done as of yet. Unsure.
Either way, for the quality my stuff usually is at, this is pretty good!

For those who care about technical bullshit, I made this in the still-very-new Artrage3 which is a wonderful piece of software and a true evolution in software. Much as I love love LOVED artrage2 (which I've made nearly everything in for the last couple of years now), it had a few tiny nit-picky drawbacks that I wished occasionally would be remedied.

Well. THEY GOT FUCKIN REMEDIED. It is now the most perfect art software for people who use tablets. If it were a puppy I would feed it biscuits.


I sold two of the same poster today. The poster I did for SonyATV Music Publishing. That's kind of odd. For several reasons:

a.) people almost never buy posters
b.) when I do sell posters its certainly never two of the same poster in the same day. what the chicken pot pie is going on?

This leads me to believe the poster has been linked somewhere popular that I cannot identify! Much like the fiasco a month ago when a youtube video I made suddenly got like 50 comments in one day and a million views. Why? Noone knows.

Either way, speaking of posters and design and all that hibbeldy jibbeldy, I made a new design today and fiddled around with it.

A stereo boombox that is also a skull and crossbones. Probably not very original as I'm sure if I googled "stereo skull" it'd bring up about 50,000 other similar and probably better entries. However, when has the fact that something is hackneyed and cliche ever stopped me from continuing to beat its dead horselike body?


For starters here is the design as just linework, for those who enjoy something a bit more reserved. Bleep bloop here it is.

Here it is in glorious technicolor.

And finally here is it as a poster with alot more detail than the previous two. Now with 60% more FlashCS3 filters!


A few things I feel I should add to this post before I sign off.

Number one. Those new black and white animated cel-shaded ads for Jack Daniels on TV are absolutely fantastic. They almost make me want to drink Jack Daniels. But I like rum.

Number two. The song Pantyhose Pornshop is a hilarious tune. And if it werent so vulgar I'd use it for my next demo reel, besmirching it eternally.

Number three. I am constructing a suit. A protective suit. And one of the first things I purchased was a gas mask. Theres quite alot of various designs and styles of gas masks out there. I decided to go with the 80's styke Hungarian one mainly due to its simplicity and that it uses straps for head security as opposed to being a large rubber thing that engulfs the whole head.

The other components I have not decided on yet. But I tell ya what, this Soviet chemical suit looks bad as all ass.

It's a bit too brightly colored though. I need something with a dull grey or mottled camouflage pattern.


RobHalford said...

Congrats, Zekey. You've earned it man.

systech said...

why are you making a protective suit?