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Friday, June 11, 2010

A man writes because he is tormented, because he doubts.

First, I probably mentioned last post that I was working on a new episode of Parsley Boobs for weebl. Well despite my own incompetence and screwing it up royally, he managed to fix and put it online. Hooray!

Parsley Boobs


Something rather interesting has happened. I am not a fan of social networks for the most part. I enjoy message boards, sure. But things like myspace, facebook, twitter, etc are really not my cup of tea.
I like this blog because I dont have to limit my thoughts. I dont have to approve people to comment on it. Its public and anyone can read it. And I can edit the HTML of this blog to allow me to make it look however I want. Which I've done. Several times.
Most social networks work like spider webs. Allowing you to connect to other buts simultaneously restricting you the freedom to reach out to random people who are just bored. Plus they dont function to act as a journal or diary as this does. Almost noone ever used their myspace to blog with. It was just a way to show people what music you liked and how hideous you could make your page look.
This thought process carries over into my real life a fair bit. I'm not a social man by any great length. Any of my friends can tell you that. If they weren't around to haul me out of my house I'd be a horrible hermit of a man.
I've never had a cel phone.
Never really needed one. The one time I've ever really NEEDED a cel phone was when my car got 2 flat tires at the same time and I was nowhere near a gas station. So I spent several hours at an abandoned tree lot.
Anyway, having a new job which requires commuting meant I needed a cel phone. And hey, I finally got one. And it's pretty friggin great.

It is a MetroPCS Kyocera. It is a very cheap cheap phone.
It looks like this but red:

I walked into the store and said "i need the cheapest most conservative phone you have" and they directed me to this. 38 bucks. Its about an inch wide and about 5 inches long and maybe a centimeter thick. It weighs nothing.
However despite being so cheap its actually SURPRISINGLY powerful.
The web browser works. I was even able to look at my blog with it. Pretty much anything that isnt flash or java script shows up on this things like 100 pixel high screen with surprising clarity.


I also finally got a new battery for my laptop PC. The old one could hold literally no charge. Laptop batteries cost a lot. But then I guess since they are so rarely bought, making them expensive is a good way to ensure profit is made off shipments.


I did a quick painting of a Shellycoat. Feel free to look up what a Shellycoat is.

I also worked on Polypeptide a bit. Just a bit.

And thats about it. I got work to do.


nick said...

I love the shelly coat picture!
i adore the way the face is shaped.

i didn't have a phone until last christmas when i got an iphone. my ipod mini had stopped working so it seemed like a good idea to get both in one. i don't really use the web browser much except to check bus times. it seems too much trouble to use, especially when their isn't much i can't just wait until i get home for.

What's working for weeble like? Does he ever ask for original content?

ZSL said...

Yes. Sexy Robots he just wanted it to look very retro. And then I just sort of did whatever I wanted with it.

Felix Colgrave said...

Shelly Coat looks great. Britain has a lot of really cool folklore which is just really fun to draw. I'm guessing you'd be familiar with Brian Froud?