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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now what's that sound from under the door? He's pounding nails into a hardwood floor...

Here's where the story gets fun.

This post basically exists for the sole purpose of posting actual stuff as opposed to mostly ranting about an awful movie, like the last post.

My youtube account I've updated a whole bunch in the last few weeks.

Bee Holding Bags - a short skit from an awful lengthy cartoon I did a long time ago. Theres a few skits from it I still like and may continue to upload.

404 - short random thing made long before I knew the joys of video editing. Pretty much everything in it is a PNG file.

And finally, I put Megawesome on youtube. Something I've been wanting to do for a while. Megawesome was something I did to poke fun at trends I was noticing on an awful site. Trends that involved ripping off Egoraptor to try to gain his fame. Trends that unfortunately worked really well for some individuals. But its just another thing that makes me glad I dont meander about certain sites anymore.

Regardless, these are those rare things where I tried to be funny, and succeeded!
If you haven't seen them, then you are in for a treat! If you are a longtime fan who is no doubt disappointed with how little new animation I put online these days, then get ready for a heaping bucket of sadness!

Megawesome 1

Megawesome 2

and the grand finale Megawesome 3


I also found some old background art I did for a film a couple years ago.
If there is one thing I have any confidence in my ability to do, it's to make some cool backgrounds for whatever project I'm on.


Hey here's some new "art"

I felt like drawing a goblin the other day. So I started dickin about in alias sketchbook pro and tried to just do whatever.
I think I was trying to channel Vaughn Bodé into this little guy. Or maybe some Froud. Then came the daily terrifying realization that I cant draw worth a damn.
But after coloring him he came out looking almost decent.
And here he is.

I assume Ham is his name. I have no idea why I wrote Ham. It was late.

Also, and this is important. Anytime I talk about videogames I'm sure I've mentioned that Kirby and Klonoa are two of my favorite franchises. Kirby especially because it inspired me to learn how to draw, and I still love the series for the crazy imaginative takes on environments and dreamworlds they put in there.

But being a fan of these franchises is hard. They aren't popular, and thus only have new games occasionally. And the latest kirby game was outright cancelled.

So imagine my delight when, halfway through Nintendo's surprisingly AMAZING E3 press conference (where they delighted the inner child of many nations by unveiling some incredibly awesome stuff and returning game franchises with beautiful new facelifts) that Reggie Fils-Aime comes out with his big beefy head and announces "oh hey we havent had a kirby game in a long time, so here you go"

And this amazing looking spectacle is revealed:

He even says "poyo" like in the animated series! :)
Who the hell is that blue thing with him though? It sure isn't Gooey, Kirby's buddy from DreamLand3. It kinda reminds me of King Dedede. Mainly because of its angry eyebrows and the little crown on it's head.
I'm also curious who the villain will be. Considering a complete change in the medium the art is in, maybe its Drawcia, who turned Kirby's trippy-ass world into an impasto oil painting.

To be honest, Nintendo pretty much stole the show this year. I had a feeling they might try to switch gears and be more game-oriented this year. But not nearly to the extent that they did.
I won't go through it all. If you saw it, you know what I mean.
If not, go here:

Anyway, I'm going to try to learn how to use Gmod properly.

Good day.


nick said...

Yes kirby looks fantastic!
One thing that kinda disappointed me though was the new kid icarus. I was really hoping they'd take some design cues from the nes game and do something vibrantly dark and moody. But the trailer kinda revealed it to be a kinda bland looking zelda sky temple. And pit seems a bit obnoxious. The music is nice to hear though.

Felix Colgrave said...

Thanks for the heaping bucket of sadness! The fact that Oney was a tag was probably one of the funniest parts.

Also, what was the film these backgrounds were in?