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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the smell of meat carried on the frigid air like voices over water

Man. What a week. An exhausting week. Never have I gone to bed as early as 9pm. But I have this week. That is how tired I am.

Which is quite an achievement when you consider I normally go to bed at around 9am, when I DO sleep which is rare.

Even now, I can hear the soft loamy folds of my blanket calling to me. It transfixes me, as a pale dot of light in an explosion of sparks.
But I'm not going to bed because it's 10:35 god damnit. I will force myself to stay awake if need be.

First things first, I would like to draw your attention to this creepy commercial. Yes, I realize this is meant to show the slight spine-tingling ecstasy that comes from eating fresh ice cream. But this commercial seems to take it too far. Plus something about the lighting. I dunno. Just watch. It seems more like watching an addict have a fit than someone enjoying ice cream.

Oh great I can't embed the commercial.

You'll know it when you see it, the girl in it looks alot like Zooey Deschanel.

Speaking of youtube things, remember how last post I posted a bunch of old crap I put on youtube that everyone who cares has already seen before?


I put up two things that NO-ONE has seen before. One is old and one is new, but you can't tell because, well, it's-a me mario. I also uploaded something you have probably seen.

First things first, about two years back me and my friend BigArmyBug aka "Bug" decided to make a halloween cartoon. It was going to be a giant monster movie about a big horrible horsebird monster that eats New Jersey. We each made about two scenes each. And then we both got too busy and the project died.

But I went through the trouble of uploading one of the scenes I made.
Enjoy my great voice acting skillz.

Another thing I put on my youtube account was a film I made not long ago for christmas. It has probably the best monster animation I ever did in it's first few seconds. The rest is just gore. It's called Robotic Octopus Snowman. And one cool thing I did was export it in 1080p HD. Something I never ever do.

And here's the third thing.
And this one is special because it's a BRAND NEW CARTOON holy shit I actually produced something.
But it's short.
And has very little animation.
And won't make sense to a majority of you.
Also I made it in a day. Heh.
Now I'm embedding the youtube version but its quite choppy.
If you wish to see it in a crystal clear non-choppy format with better sound quality too, go here:
What's He Building?

This next video isn't mine but it IS related to mines. They added minecarts to minecraft. Hooray. They are fun as hell. I wish they were in multiplayer so there could be minecart races.

Oh I put Paranormal Passivity on Funny or Die.

Oh yeah.

Counter Strike got a huge update today. Updated graphics, updated source engine, achievements, all sorts of crap. How nice to see them update a game that's like a decade old. And for those who already owned the game from the past, it's a free update.

Damnit all time for bed.


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Keep up the good work.

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