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Sunday, October 03, 2010

you're one shirt away from Carlton

i've been busier than hell. on what?
well for starters, a couple of days ago I saw the Two Man Gentlemen Band, live at the New World Brewery in Ybor city.
Here's some video footage my friend John shot. You can see Andy Bean pretty well and the councilman towards the end. You can hear John and Tom and Alicia shouting about god-knows-what in the background.

It was a great show. We got there a couple hours early and the two guys were just hangin out drinking before their show. Another band played before them called Poetry In Lotion who were also very good. It was a lovely night of drinking Guiness and watching one of my favorite bands play. And I mean REALLY play. No fake shit. No lip sync. Good old fashioned humor and talent. Good old fashioned everything. Like Doc Brown went back in time to 1913 and found these two playing in a saloon somewhere.

The other thing I've been busy with is a new cartoon. Weebl found a bunch of short old songs and decided to let me just do whatever I wanted to them.
So hey!
Here is a new cartoon that I managed to sling together in about 3 days.

on top of that I did a new weebl and bob episode for the site as well


In other news, Valve finally released the Polycount weapons pack. And a bunch of other stuff as well. Paintable items. Trading. Crates full of secret objects that have odd abilities. New hats, 65 new weapons including new ones by Valve themselves. And they added an optional ability to purchase the new items (if you dont feel like trading or crafting them due to general impatience/friendlessness) with an online MANN CO store.
However, this optional ability to spend real $ on a 3.5 year old game with over 100 FREE updates has caused the general underage fanbase of the game to lose their fucking minds and claim that Valve has now turned evil like Activision. It's actually very amusing to watch. Mainly because none of them can articulate an actual argument as to how the store is in any way a bad thing.
Luckily the hullabaloo died down relatively fast as the particularly loud and stupid kids were drowned out by the hullabaloo that is now "I WILL TRADE X FOR X"

Trading. Trading everywhere.
It works well too. Valve did a good job.

One thing I like about the new weapons is that they all, for the most part, have very high polygon counts, and very sharp textures. With lots of fancy mapping. Usually when Valve themselves design weapons they tend to be a bit more conservative so as not to slow the game for users with lower-end PC's. However all the community-made weapons are more elaborate.
I mean hell, look at this new fish weapon:

Ain't that great? It also flops about amusingly when you run.

Speakin of video games, here's something I put in almost every blog post these days.
Random crap I made in minecraft's creative mode.
a silly robot in lawlcat's ocean multiworld server.

oh and I made a beartato drawing with blocks.

if you're unfamiliar with what a beartato is, then you are a humorless wretch in need of of reading all of the Nedroid Picture Diary. Enjoy.

Speaking of comics, last night after my drunken birthday celebration downtown, me and Mike made a drunken comic. Here it is. I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the wonderful news? Minecraft is getting a huge Halloween update!

I'm most excited for the biomes, and everything else sounds neat too.

Felix said...

Well I went and read every single Beartato comic, and bookmarked the site. So yeah. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

a large trout!

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