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Monday, November 15, 2010

or is he john wilkes vodka?

The Harry Potter cartoon isn't up online yet.

It's finished though. Just not online. And due to it being done, I've been able to do something I have not been able to do in QUITE A WHILE...

.... on Polypeptide.

Yes work has begun yet again on this unfortunate film.
Hopefully for the last time as it's rather close to the ending.

I'll make a new post when the Potter thing is up and post some stills from Poly too.

This post exists purely so I can post this thing. I decided to play around with minecraft texture packs today.

There's some fascinating texture packs out there for this game. They all run the gamut from entertainingly unrealistic:

To really bizarre.
I love them all though. I wish Notch would add support for higher-resolution textures though. Getting HD textures in this game is a massive pain in the ass.

Anyway here's a 3d engie I made.
Like I said, net post is an arty one.

By the way you should check out the new Dusbunnies comic over at here. It came out pretty good I think.

Now bed.


Isaac said...

Please link the texture packs or send me some. They look pretty cool.

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