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Monday, November 08, 2010

the air smells damp and oppressive , like a wet nun

the halloween party was a big success.
next day we all went to a big Thai food buffet being held by a bunch of monks at a monastery downtown. Some of the best dang food I've ever eaten.
Anyway a bunch of photos were taken but I dont use Facebook so I cant steal them off my friends pages. So heres this one photo. I'm on the right.

It was all homemade food too. Monks sittin around cleaning veggies and cooking. It was great.

In a few days this Harry Potter cartoon will be done. I didn't contribute much. A few backrounds. No animation. But it should be funny.
I'll post it here when its done.
after that I'll be free to work on Polypeptide again.
Which will be a nice change to pace to the chaos lately.


The clever man who calls himself "Lawlcat" recently designed a Capture The Flag gamemode hack for Minecraft. And weapons to make it interesting. So we all tested it and I recorded video.

There was a big minecraft update during halloween. Which introduced a new enemy called Ghasts. They are giant lovecraftian beasts the float delicately through the sky. One on its own isnt hard to fight. But when there's 2 or 3 you are pretty dead.
I recreated one in Creative mode out of cloth.

I also made a spy sapper.

The halloween update brought alot of neat stuff. Pumpkin lanterns that are brighter than torches but alot harder to make, fishing, and a cool new Hell world called The Nether where Ghasts live. Also new piglike zombies. Theres not much in hell currently other than brimstone and lava. There are cool stalactites made of glowing metal though. I grabbed a bunch on my trip, killed a Ghast, and then made this spiffy skull house for myself.

The ladder to the left goes to my hell portal which I've sealed off so Ghasts don't spawn outside the Nether and wreck my crap. The main entrance has a downward chute which leads to my underground crop field which also leads to my hellgate. Coming soon: monster trapping whirlpool machine out front with a tunnel that goes to my crops. And probably a strip mine under the crop area.

Anyway, that's it really. Expect a new post in a few days when the cartoon is up online.

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