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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The time is now....tetris?

Happy Thanksgiving.
Here have a terrible sketch of an Extreme 90's Comix turkey.

And here have more screenshots of my minecraft house because I sure as hell don't talk about that game or tf2 enough on this blog to the point where people think it's probably all I do. No sirree bob!

As you can see PROJECT BIGASS TUNNEL was a huge success and I now have 2 houses connected via a midair metro.

The smaller house in the back's on top of a mountain that I am slowly hollowing out and making into a stripmine.

Eventually there will be a 3rd house to the far right and south of those two. But not til much later. Still working on making House #2 monster proof.

It takes a while to walk through the tunnel. I might put a minecart system in there but that won't speed me up probably. The lighted area in front of the southern house is my new improved monster trap.

Most of the torches you see that are sitting alone in various forests are where i found caves entrances and exits and fully mined them for all they were worth.
But theres other caves alot farther from my house. Hence why I feel it's necessary to spread my kingdom around. Ensure that no matter where I mine, I always have a base somewhere nearby to return to for food/dumping loot.

Doing all this without INVEDIT. People who hack the game can eat my butt.

In a few minutes me and a buddy are going to go harass people camped out in front of retail outlets.

Also as usual you should keep tabs on Dustbunnies which I update mildly frequently.

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