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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm dancing with a purple hen

A week or so ago TellTale Games who have basically become the new Lucas Arts (ie masters of pc point n click storytelling) released a fun title called Poker Night at the Inventory.
About two months ago a rumor swirled that TellTale had asked Valve to give them the model for the Heavy Weapons Guy. And well, then we learned it was for a bizarre poker game. Strongbad from HomeStarRunner, Tycho from Penny Arcade, The Heavy, and Max from the recently revived Sam and Max franchise....all sitting around a table playing Texas Hold 'Em. With you as the 5th player.

Surprisingly good for a 5 dollar game that was tossed together in two months. The AI is just smart enough to not be entirely predictable, the visuals are nice, voice acting perfect, and there's plenty of amusing chit chat between the various characters, which is what most people got the game for in the first place.

Some of the character animation is very jerky but I attribute it to the fact that a very small amount of people put this game together in a very short amount of time. It's noticeable, but you get used to it after a few moments.

You can also win props from the characters various games for use in TF2. Like Sam's badge from the Sam and Max PC games. Max's gun. Strongbad's shades. Tycho's watch, etc. These don't actually do anything (since tf2 is congested enough with items right now) but they do look cool.
Running around with a Luger that has a barrel as long as a Mauser and a cop badge looks badass no matter how you slice it.

Regardless, the games unsurprising high sales and success have lead others to believe and speculate on what a sequel would be. What characters would appear? Would it be Texas Hold 'Em or perhaps another variant of Poker? Would it be Poker at all?

I too, have been pondering this and had a few small lightbulbs in my head illuminate and the urge to draw grabbed me by the collar and yelled profanities in my face. So then I drew this.

One of the walking nightmarish Gatherer Grunts from Amnesia, the explodingly curious Creeper from Minecraft, the speedy invisible Bloodsucker from Stalker, and the horny Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.

And that's it.
And now, much like how Vathek sacrificed his own people in a burning tower to gain riches from Hell, I will now sacrifice turkey sandwiches into MY MOUF. To gain dinner. G'night.


Anonymous said...

hahahahah that drawing is brilliant

RobHalford said...

I was playing Puzzle Agent a few days ago, also by Telltale Games.

What surprised me was the size of their team. There were easily around 20-30 people working on that project. They're definitely a dev group to keep an eye on

Anyways, great stuff as always. You should seriously pick up Puzzle Agent, though. It fucks your brain in ways Inception wishes it could, then comes back for seconds. I think It would be right up your alley.