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Friday, December 03, 2010

has to eat her life through tubes

The new Catface is done. I must admit it was rather difficult as I'd never done one of these before and they are put together in a way that is very alien for me.


On the creative side of things I haven't been able to do much due to Catface. Today was my first "free" day.
I did however managed to update my Dustbunnies webcomic and also made this drink coaster.

Now you may wonder when looking at this; why buy such a thing? Who would want a drink coaster with a crow on it? Especially one that's 10 bucks? The answer? The answer is I have no idea whatsoever. None.
crow coaster


I had poached eggs for the first time in more than a year yesterday. It was orgasmic. I had forgotten how much I love eggs. Cooked just enough to be solid but with the yolk all runny and gooey. A small dollop of paprika-infused mayo to dip the egg whites in. And a cup of hot earl grey to wash it down with.

My face when eating a meal that good:

The difference being that infant probably has more teeth than me.

Clearly it is a sign that I must buy eggs more frequently.

My favorite website died. I am sad and enraged. It was the ONLY youtube-audio-ripping site that WORKED. EACH. TIME. And recorded sound at high quality.
Now I'm stuck using shitty ad-riddled sites like Vixy that never work without 90 trial and error operations.
First dies and now this.


And now to waste both our times garbling about video game bullshit that you couldn't care less about even if Captain Apathy himself rammed his Red White and Blue dick right up your bum.

Team Fortress 2 had 2 important updates today.
The first was the opening of the tf2 beta servers. Where Valve gets to experiment tweaking the new weapons and adding new map features.

First thing they are fixing is Natascha, a weapon that has been rather broken ever since the Heavy speed buff. After that who knows? Perhaps an Airblast jump mechanic for Pyros? A watch that lets you briefly pass through enemy people as a spy at the cost of cloaking? Making the Gunslinger even more godly?

The other thing was they took a mod made by a fan that made painted hats look less plastic and inserted it into the game. How about that? Yellow, orange and purple hats no longer stand out in a hideous way. White hats no longer glow with an unholy bloom that is blinding. Textures and normal mapping remain on colored hats. Makes them fit with the game's dark grey light brown art styles. And now more hats can be painted.
I painted my engineer headphones golden brown. Normally they change colors depending on the team but I figured making them brown would match better. I was right. They look cool as hell.

It's ok to feel jealous.

This all happened today by the way.
So I decided to snap some pics of people in hats from various idle/trading servers today for an hour or so. Hats that normally would look like ASS now look very snazzy and keep their same leathery/wrinkly/filthy textures and bumpmaps.
Behold, snazzy pictures of hats:

you could barely tell this hat had black paint on it before:

brown paint + alien parasite = headcrab

perfect example here. in the past this white pirate hat would have been SOLID WHITE. WITH HIGHLIGHTS. AND BLOOM. Now it looks nice and musty. Hooray for progress:

this one looks too shiny due to this guy standing directly under a lamp:

Anyway now that I've bored you to tears with drivel I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

If you want to rip audio from youtube, use Audio Hijack Pro. You can record at 320 kb/s (though you must set it yourself) for 10 minutes, with the free version. Ain't that pimpin'. The only downside is that you have to record in real time.

A delighted citizen said...

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for the latest iteration of your Internet web series. My colleagues and I have been working tirelessly for years to raise awareness about the little known (and understood) discrimination against Exothermosexuals. As any oppressed people who has come before, seeking only the same basic rights afforded any other citizen of this great country, finding a voice in a time where many are too concerned with their insulated lives or amongst the deafening sound of those who seek to degrade them, is a discouraging endeavor.

Exothermosexuals have been productive, well-adjusted, members of this society throughout its history, including gallant service in our armed forces. Perhaps they are most famously known during the Revolution for the 5th Lexington regiment (also known as the 'Wood-Burners'), and later the much celebrated 'Range Riders' of the Spanish-American War. But still to this day, these fine members of society have been treated as second-class citizens. Love of country and a man/woman's love of a stove should never be seen as mutually exclusive, most especially not in a country where freedom and liberty are so beloved.

It is your bravery to assail this controversial subject with such intense insight and sharp wit that gives those of us fighting for the cause of our fellow Exothermosexual Americans cause for optimism. So it is with great enthusiasm that on the behalf of the movement I offer our most sincerest and deeply felt gratitude. We can only hope that more courageous activists such as yourself will be inspired by your call to action and we can one day truly see liberty and justice for all in this country.

All the Best,

Humphrey Studebaker
President of Exos Rights Campaign