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Monday, January 17, 2011

it's about how the world is plastic and full of government cheese swans

Well, Catface hasn't been out for more than a week yet and already work has begun on the next batch of goovies. Painting backrounds and such.

And luckily the first one is making fun of two horrible films that came out last year that I hated a whole lot! It will be done before the end of the month. Weebl has to go somewhere at the start of February.

Regardless, these should be fun.
I believe Weebl wants to do one based off Inception. I certainly hope so.


I got an amusing email from Artician the other day (the site I keep my art on). Letting me know I hadn't logged in in 2 months. The last piece of art I put on there was that fanart of Minecraft that I did. I uploaded it on my birthday. Which was at the end of September. It is now January 17th.
What can I say? My art has gotten worse over time. It's like I'm somehow unlearning how to paint.
It's rather difficult to paint when you know it's just going to frustrate you to the point where you don't even want to do it anymore.
It's like when you've gotten to a point in a game where it's become so annoying that the fun factor has disappeared and you feel no need to play it. Any anger you built up from failing at it has been completely drowned by apathy and chances are highly unlikely you'll be giving it another go any time soon.

Maybe inspiration will finally strike sometime in the future but I doubt it will be within the NEAR future.

I realized in my last post I didn't talk about Christmas much.
Three things I got for Christmas:

- portable hard drive with 500gb from my father
- Stadium Arcadium from my brother (red hot chili peppers)
- several days of delicious turkey sandwiches

I got my father a turntable that allows one to turn records into mp3's. This is good because my father in his younger days operated a popular record store in the Bahamas. He has stuff so rare it literally does not exist anymore.

He also got a slow cooker from his girlfriend. The first thing we made was a couple of Pot Roasts. They were OK. Then we decided to make some slow-cooked homemade chili. Which I was more than happy to help with as Mike and I have made many a chili and its cousin Sloppy Joe and it's great grand-nephew Slorky Bob's many a time.
Needless to say with a hefty dose of black beans and caribbean jerk seasoning, the chili has been DELICIOUS.


Most of my pageviews on this blog seem to come from minecraft stuff I've noticed.
Which is rather fitting as I wanted to gabble about it a bit today.
A few days ago Notch, the creator of the game, released a nice new update.

In it was a few new things. Skeletons now drop bones, which can be used as fertilizer to speed up plant growth. Reeds (now called Sugar Cane) can be made into sugar. Sugar can be used to bake a cake (which is good to have in SMP when several people are in need of health). Wool from sheep can now be dyed with pigments that come from a large variety of in-game sources. Most importantly red and yellow from the little flowers that have dotted the landscape ever since this games creation! Yes! They have a purpose now! A new building was added: the dispenser. You fill it with lots of an item and place a button or switch near it. Each time it's activated it dispenses one of the items within. If filled with weaponry, such as arrows, it fires them out in whatever direction it was facing.
New trees. New kinds of wood. new leaves.
A new monster was added as well. SQUIDS! Other than being adorable these things are completely peaceful. Currently if killed they drop ink which can be used to dye cloth.
The best part by far is the ability to color cloth. Most horrifying part is that spiders can now climb any wall that isn't sand or the new sandstone block.

As such, with all the new gobbeldy-gook I proceeded to make myself a new world and a new house.
After beating the shit out of ALOT of sheep (ALOT) I constructed a new house. This time rather than flailing in panic at the monsters I calmly would continue building at night and hide in the upper parts of my house if they got too close. Then calmly go back to building later. Allowing me to actually concentrate on actual house design (the inside is really neat. chandeliers and crazy ways of getting up and down the various floors). As opposed to usual where I hurf out a cube house and decide later when I have weapons how I want my house to look.
My new house stands right on the edge of the sea wedged between two short mountains.:

Same house at night. Theres a cave in the ground in the forest behind me. Will spelunk later:

Meanwhile the guys I hang with on the old classic mode VHMWF creative servers set up a semi-stable server for Multi Player survival. We found a mountain with a lava fall. They hollowed it out and I decorated the outside with wood scaffolding and support beams (aka abusing fences).

After turning the inside of the base into a lounge of sorts complete with a bar area, Plasticfir went to the mountain on top to attempt to make a giant Maho out of dyed wool. I think Maho is a thing from that Touhou video game.
Regardless, it was too big and hit the ceiling of the map. So he had to give up. Then a creeper knocked him off or something and he got really angry because he made part of it out of obsidian.
After he finished it out of wool from sheep later I proceeded to make a giant green zombie head house as I tend to always do. Here you can see both from within the base.

Meanwhile inside the cave, Cromartie and Remigar and myself were attempting to connect the basement of the fort to the giant tunnels underneath the original spawn. A rather far distance.

Basically I would tunnel mindlessly forward towards the maps spawnpoint using a compass. Once I reach lava or water we could backtrack, lining the mine with TNT so we could widen it, and with luck, find the source of the lava and douse it.

We died many times in this endeavor.


I leave you now with this.


nick said...

i bought minecraft recently but have already stupidly sucked the fun out of it by using server commands to spawn blocks and items. maybe i'll just start over.

i did enjoy everything before that though. I played with my brother, we basically dug down as far as we could until we hit hollow, and then found a huge lava lake which we poured water over. After which we wasted our time trying to build a portal until we realized they didn't work in multiplayer.

do get these glitches where you find immense 50x50 holes that are perfectly square and go for ages, but you can't fall into them?
i was really looking forward to descending down it like an archeologist or something. It must be terrain that failed to load or something.

ZSL said...

Nick that is exactly what it is.
Those are "chunks" that have failed to load. If you disconnect and reconnect real quick it fixes it in a jiffy.

Anonymous said...

stadium arcadium was terrible

Anonymous said...

cheers to your father. tell him to share with this rare stuff

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