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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

He's dead, Jim.

Wow it's been a month since my last blog post again. Sorry.

I've been pretty out of it.

Trying to re-adjust my life to my friends all being gone and dealing with high levels of anxiety.

This week's been particularly bad. I've had trouble sleeping and feel so scared for no real reason that I've managed to give myself an awful stomach ache.

Listening to this song usually helps a bit though:

Speaking of, a couple of weeks ago I got to combine my love of minecraft with my love of weebl and bob. Weebl asked me to make a minecraft world and skin for the game for the latest weebl and bob ep titled Piecraft. It's a combination of HD textures I did myself, some zekocraft textures, and some default textures.

In similar news, a company that makes a plastic trombone called a P-Bone contacted weebl about redesigning their mascot. He passed the project onto me and I scribbled out these:

Not sure if they liked any of them I need to ask weebl if they ever got back to him.

Also my friend Lost Kingpin who has helped me with many minecraft-related problems asked me to make him a new avatar.

So I painted this for him:

"The Lost Kingpin"

Speaking of minecraft, Notch is adding a new enemy to the game and even showed off a screenshot. It looks like some sort of slenderman thing. Some little black humanoid figure with gangly arms and legs and two little white glowing eyes.
I'd post the pic but I'm lazy.

So instead have this spooky scrake picture.

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