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Friday, March 23, 2012

With a rebel yell she cried "more, more, more"

Been busy.

Actually have something to post about today but first I should discuss some things of some importance.

For starters Machinima contacted me. They saw my cartoon about Minecraft and really liked it (apparently). And from now on would like me to submit any comedy themed videogame cartoons through them for money. The joke is on them however, since I pretty much never make such things anyway!

Hahaha, he laughed all the way to the poorhouse.

The reason they even saw the film is thanks to Ebolaworld. A friend of my good chum Man with 10 Toes. They work for Machinima and there is a small chance the three of us MIGHT make some sort of series of shorts in the future. Nothing is certain.


I finished a new episode of Weebl and Bob.
This thing's been taking up alot of my time as of late.


And right now I am finishing up a background for an animated short film I am helping a friend with. I did this background months ago but lost the file and forgot to send it to her (because you see I am a flapping moron) and now I am redrawing it all.

I think this one is superior however, to the old one that no longer exists.

As always with alot of backgrounds I do, I'm trying (and failing) to evoke a sort of Mary Blair look to it.
Anyway, who cares have a look.

This is meant to be the room from the Goblet of Fire that had the goblet in it. Goblet is on another layer so you can't see it here.

But you can see it here and how it illuminates the room.

The fire is blue but it's going to be animated (obviously)


Me and Mike watched this pile of shit the other night:

This movie is ass.
It is everything wrong with modern computer animation and filmmaking in general. Every possible bad idea or cliche that has been retread countless times in better films is beaten mercilessly here like a dead horse made of world's shittiest polygons covered in world's ugliest textures. This film is the feces when incompetence eats too much rob schneider.

If you see this in Wal-Mart and dont mind spending a few dollars on the crappiest looking thing ever, then by all means by it and you will see it is indeed one of the crappiest things ever.

It also has an "interview" with Rob Schneider which basically amounts to him sitting in an office room in front of someone's tripod mounted camera trying his darndest to smile and not look like someone who wishes every day he still had a regular gig on Saturday Night Live.

This is the sort of film that defines a generation. And not in the good way.


Manwith10toes said...

YO BRO. I'd love to chitchat with ya about some of the plans me an sam got cooken up for rablats and you bein apart of it. But you aint eva on the horn! The internet horn! Hit up my butt when evea your free.

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