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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am the beast I worship.

Right-O so as some may have noticed I've been a bit absent as of late.
Thats for a few reasons.

1.) I havent had much to talk about.
2.) The world was ending.
3.) I've been busy with two cartoons. Both of which are online.

For starters, some may recall that last year me and my friend Willva made a movie called A Shiny Minecraft Tale. It snagged about 3 million views on Youtube. However me and Will didn't see hardly a dime of that because Youtube is run by dunderheads who have the worst customer service I've seen since Electronic Arts.

That said, a few months ago we started up a IndieGogo/Kickstarter to try and get funding for the sequel series to the film. We made about 200 bucks. Yep. So with that in mind we decided to plow ahead and do our best and now after some very stressful weeks, the film is done. (And I can go back to working on Polypeptide).

Ladies and Germs,

A Scary Minecraft Tale

Some slightly dated concept art for the film:

I also helped make a new episode of CATFACE for weebl. I had no time to really work on it and had to really rush it at the end so it came out as sort of a mess. He wasn't too pleased at that, obviously. But at least its done now just in time for Christmas.

So yeah, there you go.
Now I'm going to eat chef boyardee.


Justin Cacy said...

Dude minecraft is perfect for your art style/history. I can really appreciate many including your minecraft video, but also squareville

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