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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Loom weaves my life anew.

It's been a couple of months eh!
Unlike the usual delay in blogging this delay wasnt caused by me having nothing of interest to say.
No, far from it actually.
Actually I've been incredibly busy with work! Professional work! Professional work for College Humor and Nintendo thanks to my friend Jake Ganz and HappyHarry.

Also I've been playing videogames as well. For christmas my friend Jake (yes the same one as before) got me some VIDYAGAEM via the Humble Indie Bundle. At first I was very addicted to Dungeon Defenders. But after I  leveled up a mage(90), monk(91), knight(88), EV(86), and summoner(94), I finally managed to break my brief addiction. Now I find myself playing Binding of Isaac and Dota2 again.

Speaking of DOTA2, I once again found myself playing Weaver tonight. Weaver is a hero who starts very weak and slowly gets HILARIOUSLY ANNOYING and basically turns into a machine gun who can vanish at will. He also craps out little babby weavers that ram people, chew on them, do damage, and remove their armor points. He can also turn invisible and clip through people, which if you have good items does pretty darn good damage. He is very fun as a sort of hybrid support/carry dude.

And I did pretty darn well with him in a random match tonight. 7 kills, 1 death, 17 assisted kills as Weaver. 7/1/17. I was quite happy and ended up drawing Weaver. Then I thought this might make a nice desktop background and so, that is what I did. Here is a desktop bg for those who care. (I'm shocked anyone still visits this blog or my webcomic considering the lethargic updates.)

Onto real news.
I mentioned earlier I've been tremendously busy and doing work for CollegeHumor/Nintendo. This is true! I have no reason to lie. In short, long ago when I was a far more pathetic wretch than I am now, my good friend Jake swore an oath to me that one day he'd start a studio and hire me and some of my other animator buddies. I didn't believe him of course due to the fact I am a pessimist. That said, he kept his promise. He and my friend BigArmyBug have done animation for a few popular animators now.

And I am one of (if not the only, I'm not sure) background artist on the team. Mainly because my tablet pc cant really run FlashCS3 and so I can't animate for Studio Yotta.
Anyway long story short, Nintendo and CollegeHumor comissioned some new episodes of Happy Harry's BEARSHARK cartoon for the Nintendo 3DS Netflix thingy. So I did backgrounds while my friend Brandon (bigarmybug) did animation and keyframes.

The first of the five episodes we worked on has been released!

And since it's out I can show you guys some of the background art I made for it!
Since this episode takes place in space-faring facility, I used very clean and grey colors to give it that sterilized scientific look without having to add too much detail.

two backrounds were made for when the rocket takes off so there could be some dramatic lighting.
these are some "outer space" backgrounds that never made it in

half of this cliff was drawn by happyharry. i drew the other half.
originally this closet was a bathroom but later we changed it

And there you go.
Some of the backgrounds I did for the SPACE episode.
There are quite a few eps that have not premiered yet, and as they premier I will continue to upload little pics of things I helped with. The backgrounds get better and more interesting as I got more comfortable imitating Harry's background art style. You will see in later eps. These are all made in Flash, for those who might wonder.


Something else arty I did recently was help my friend Lawlcat. Lawlcat used to be quite famous amongst the Minecraft community for helping to bring about MCLAWL which was some of the first complex in-depth multiplayer server software for Minecraft back when the Classic Creative mode was the thing. Nowadays he, like many of my /v/ friends who no longer play miney crafta much, hangs out in a small private irc channel where we chat about games and other random things.

Lawl quite enjoys E.V.E. Online. Which if you havent played, is probably one of the most impressive space simulator games ever created and probably one of the most impressive games of all time. It's a strange mixture of office paperwork and mapmaking with space battles, wormholes, nebulas and other stuff. There are companies in the game, run by players, hiring players. Some are HUGE with hundreds to thousands of people staffed to a company. Some are wee! They trade and wage war with each other through the cosmos. Each has a name and an emblem. Except for the company Lawl is a part of. Who call themselves EXISTENTIAL ANXIETY (or Angst for short). So one night when I was bored we brainstormed some concepts and I made a few designs. They aren't particularly impressive but I figured I'd upload them anyway. The turnarounds on these were quite short and I probably spent at most maybe 15 minutes on any of them.

Anyway if you're ever flying around E.V.E. Online and see a group with, and I quote, "a giant space vagina surrounded by pentagons" as their logo, now you know who made it.


Also over the winter break, me and my friend TrickyClock tried to design a Team Fortress 2 item again.
However much like our previous attempt he was too busy to model it and I was too busy doing god knows what.
So here is the concept:

On another note, right before I got the Happy Harry job, Weebl asked me to draw him Magical Trevor.
He was planning on making a NEW Magical Trevor cartoon! However I was too busy to help so all that exists is this drawing I made. Someone else is making it now, I believe.

And there you have it. Now you know what has been eating away at my time as of late.
I leave you now with these wise words of wisdom from a mystical prophet of another age and time:

Foreverial tied up fat sparky enjoying himself, loving the half he has been fattened, fully complete permanently delitzed and fully wrapped up, tied up, rope mummified, all foreverially tied up all over his fully delitized head to his fully delitized feet. - Ghandi

I hope that helps you find your own personal zen.

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