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Sunday, April 07, 2013

How can it not matter to you where that train will take you?

During the previous episode of Catface there was a very low quiet noise that came from the tv that sounded like a tv show. Well it actually WAS a tv show. Weebl recorded a whole minute and a half of amusing dialogue that he then gave to me. So I spent a week and a half animating it.
And here it is.


In similar news, the latest episode of Bearshark has finally gone online.
As with the last two, I did backgrounds while my friend Bug did the animation.

And as with the last couple of these, here are some high res images of some of the backgrounds I did.

In other news, Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 are now part of the Humble Indie Bundle. Meaning that Killing Floor is currently overflowing with newbies who don't understand how to kill a scrake or fleshpound or siren and keep buying the wrong guns for their class perk. On the other hand, maybe people will finally play the aborted fetus that is Red Orchestra 2 for once.

Spiral Knights also had a big update recently. All the games menus have been redesigned and look pretty lovely although a bit too large. They also finally nerfed the most unfair monsters in the game: Devilites.

Also Nintendo revealed the next Mewtwo.
It might be called Mewthree or some shit. Who knows anymore, really? I like it's design. Mewtwo was always such a lanky creepy looking motherfucker. And this new thing is even lankier and creepier with its sloth-toes and headtail.

That's about all I have to talk about.

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R. Wappin said...

Love the backgrounds, especially the back door in the alley and those trees.