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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clambulance! Clambulance!


So so so.



New CATFACE came out today that I animated.

I also decided to finally go through some shamefully old files and .fla's today. Found some ancient cartoons including an unfinished .fla for MEAT GRINDER which is one of my...better old things. I uploaded a three of the old films to youtube. One is on my MindyMindington account and the other two are on the usual ZekeySpaceyLizard account.

On top of that, since I had the .fla handy I decided to export some high quality screencaps of Meat Grinder. For sentimental value. From a time when I was far less busy and far more creative.
Some of these could be desktop backgrounds I suppose.
I'm still proud of some of the design decisions I made for this film.
Looking at screencaps for this reminds me how much dull grey pink and cyan I used to use in films. I still use those colors alot. Not sure why. Some psychological thing I wager.
Still a very icky scene, the nose removal.

One of these days I want to remake this film.
I also found an old old art image I made in flash of some sort of colorful jungle.
I thought this thing had been lost to the sands of time. It's VERY old. Originally if I recall it was a Mother's Day gift.

Remember how in the last blog post I posted a piece of concept art for a Magical Trevor thing I never ended up working on? Well, here is some more Trevor sketches I found when trying to nail down a style for the film that never came to be.

I really need to update Dustbunnies.
The old Ducktales game is getting remade, Keeper of the Light got nerfed, and I have been reintroduced to the heavenly flavor of Toaster Strudels. Good times.

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billy said...

I think I've seen that jungle image in some French flash game...