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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.

Sorry about the lack of posting.

It's not that I'm not around.
I'm basically online every day.
It's just that I have little to say.

No news is good news I suppose, even for a pessimist such as myself. So, what's new? What have I been up to? Well I animated a couple of new CATFACE episodes for Weebl.

I think I posted the previous one.
Hmm what else.
Oh I started working on a new painting.
It isn't done yet, obviously.

Christmas came and went. I got a fantastic pair of TT Games Esports headphones from my brother as well as a new CD drive for my rig. I also got myself a GTX-680 graphics card about a month before that so I could run METRO LAST LIGHT on max settings. It was well worth it.

What else has happened?

So Survarium the so-called "spiritual successor" to the long-dead S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is out. As a fan of the STALKER franchise and the works it was inspired by, and the works it has in turn inspired, I was very VERY excited for this.

Unfortunately the game is now in open beta. And uh. Well. It's basically another crap call of duty clone but now in a vaguely STALKER-esque environment. It honestly sickens me. And now that I've beaten Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light I pretty much have nothing to look forward to in terms of good atmospheric first person shooters.

At least the creators of "Nightmare House" mod in Source engine have a new mod coming out. But until that happens I'm relegated to the usual Killing Floor, Warframe, TF2, Dota2 ferris wheel.

What else.
Oh it Mike's birthday a few days ago. Rachel got him a portable e-cigarette thing.
And then a couple days later we all went to the fair.
I spent money before XMAS to get myself a very nice CANON VIXIA r400 model digital camcorder. It records in TRUE HD and is very nice. So I brought it with me to the Florida State Fair to record things.

If you've seen any of my previous videos with the old camera you should be able to see a noticeable rise in film quality. I am very pleased with it. Plus it supports audio input meaning I can attach a microphone to it.

I'm off to hang out with friends and maybe see the Lego Movie.
Good day.

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