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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cheese, hats, boxes... they don't make you who you are. You make you.

Streets of Cage is out.
This is a project given to me by Weebl and #Mashed some weeks ago. It was quite complex to make, but the end result makes it well worth it.

I drew and animated very nearly everything in this short, with the exception of the city backdrop in the intro and the Cagea logo. The rest is all me. It was probably the biggest Flash project I've done in a very long time!

Weebl did the music and sound effects, while Brock Baker did Nick's voice. Weebl also did the neat pixellation effect that pervades the film's visuals.

The film has been on youtube for a bit over a week and in that time I've actually been pretty busy making a new painting.

Here's a proper hotlink to the piece on Deviantart so you can see it full sized.

Back in last September my friend Bug drew the Goblin Techies from Dota. I loved his sketch and asked if it was alright if I painted it. I got some base colors down but then I got busy with quite a few various projects, some of which panned out and some of which never went anywhere.
But regardless once Streets of Cage was done, I was ready to relax with something more my speed.
It's been a few months since I made a big painting.
So I vowed to finish this Techies thing.

My friend Avid said after it was done that I should make an animated .gif showing my process on how I got from original sketch to the finished piece. And I might still make the .gif, but in the meantime I took it quite a step further.

I made a video detailing how this piece came to be.

The three little birds that appear briefly in that video are actually extras from Streets of Cage.
Originally in Streets of Cage instead of drinking an energy drink, Nick was snorting cocaine. But apparently that is now allowed to be shown due to some sort of censorship standards of some such.
So to censor it we originally tried covering the cocaine up with something cute and harmless. So I made some baby birds. And from that point it looked like Nick was snorting baby birds.

But that still didn't meet the standards of censorship so we swapped all the coke for energy drink.
I didn't want the baby birds to go to waste so I made a quick dumb short with them.

I'll probably do more dumb things with these birds.

So now with Streets of Cage finished I can finally worry about something I've been meaning to worry about for a long time.

And that is making a new demo reel.
My demo reel is very nearly 5 years old. It's horribly out of date and is missing alot of footage from alot of projects that need to be in it.
- Various weebl and bob episodes
- Cabury Cream Egg ad clips
- Hellmann's Mayo ad clips
- Various Catface eps
- Streets of Cage
- Bearshark for College Humor
- Smash with Egoraptor and Starbomb
- Pokemon with Rubber Ross
- Swag Pie for Huha
- Rocketman for Huha
- Robot Fight for Huha
- Chips and Peas for Weebl
- Benedict Cumberbatch for Weebl
- Trains for History Channel
- Shiny Minecraft Tale stuff with Willva
- Yorkshire Inception for Weebl
- Like a Brother for Gotye/TheBasics
- plus clips from old cartoons like Created and Polypeptide

Gotta find the best bits and mash them up into 2 minutes of reely goodness.
The nice thing is that I've gotten quite a bit done in the last 5 years.
My last reel is mostly clips of personal cartoons (many of which have aged like milk) mixed with a tiny bit of Weebl and Bob. This new reel should be quite spectacular.

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