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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

You were not born with a watch.

At least 2016 is off to a somewhat positive start! My new cartoon is finished!

I started on Decoupling last year around late July early August. With the realization I was turning 30 soon and I wasn't getting any work I decided to start putting some of my wasted job-seeking efforts into making a new short film! I hadn't made a cartoon entirely of my own ideas since Swag Pie and even then, I had to make that about swag and/or pie somehow since it was based on a song Weebl had made.

So I made 30 seconds of silly things coming out of other things and that was that. But sometime after it was done I sort of realized that it was perhaps.....TOO short. And since my animation PC was dying (rip 2007-2015) and Decoupling could very well be my last film, I wanted to make sure I made it as insane and high-quality as I was able to. So I animated more and more and eventually it became a whole minute long!

For comparison here are other things that can happen in a minute:

1.) Spreading butter onto some toast.
2.) Scratching an itchy part on a butt.
3.) Reciting a very short poem.

Anyway after it was done, I wondered if I should try making or acquiring sound effects for it. And what of music? Do I just use some copyrighted music like I've used before? I eventually came to the idea of no. If this was to be the end, I wanted it to be an end where everything was homemade. No shortcuts.

So, I went to the resident musician of Rtil's website known as the BackAlleys, a man who calls himself Shadowfox02, or Shads for short. He's been there longer than I have and has made music for a few independent projects. He has turned out stunning work (and stunningly fast) before so I asked him if he wanted to make music for the film. He eagerly (perhaps TOO eagerly) said yes!

And now quite some time later, right as we hobble into the new year, the film is done. And while the animation of the cartoon probably isn't too impressive to some, it was the height of my abilities and my partnership I shared with my ToshibaM400 laptop tablet. In a way, this film is dedicated to it. It saw me through thick and thin and together created many things. And now it is gone. Goodbye you beautiful shitty piece of machinery.

So here it is, the culmination of the efforts of a musician with bad luck, an artist with no future, and a recently deceased PC. And I personally think it came out pretty darn good, all things considered. It is a minute and a half I am very pleased with and proud of, and I cannot thank Shads enough for his work on the project and making something so damn good to go with the visuals.

And as usual for those who still come to this blog, thank you for reading. I hope if you pondered when or if I'd ever make another animated short again, that now your strange thirst for content is slaked.


So what is the next step?
Well step 2 is that I enter this little Decoupling ditty into any film festivals that are free. I hope that it brings some attention to my work and can give my career a kick in the pants it needs. But even if it doesn't, I'm just happy it's finished. I set out to do something, do it well, and it came out beyond my own expectations.

And I can't really think of a better way to start off 2016. Can you?


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Justin Cacy said...

I am a long term fan of yours ever since I saw Squaresville and Decoupling is a tremendous ode to your style and talents. I'm sorry to hear you are on bad times but every so often I think of you and see what you're up to. I wish I could say you inspired me but I'm a lazy shit, nonetheless your work has affected me in a way no one else has. Please continue to animate even if you can't afford to do it professionally. I will always watch