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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Look at that! Isn't it ridiculous! Maybe it will leave if we all laugh at it!

It's been a whole year since I last made a post on this dead-ass blog.
For those wondering why I rarely post here, its because:

A.) Google sabotaged blogger and made it into a pile of crap

B.) I made a tumblr blog where I generally post my garbage nowadays

C.) Little to talk about.

I spent the first half of the year trying to get Decoupling into film festivals to no avail. Being a cartoon, being so short, and not having much in the way of plot meant that pretty much nobody wanted it.
I had hoped it might drum up interest in my work, or the word of my friend Kevin who did the music for the short. But it didn't and I gave up.

However not long afterwards my very good friend CVG got the film into a latin american art festival.  It was shown in front of a large crowd of people on a big screen in a fancy theater. And that quickly turned a very sour year into a relatively pleasant one.

After that I came to a realization that would probably be the highlight of my year and I needed to find a new way to be productive.
I decided since I'd been sitting on my ZEKE idea for so long maybe it was time to bring it fruition. At least from a writing standpoint. So, I have been writing scripts. I've got about 25 scripts done now for comics.
Very soon I will be hopefully starting it up and seeing how it goes.
The story has come along very well and I'm quite pleased with the work I've done so far on it. I've also been finalizing character concept designs and such, something I've been meaning to do for a long time.

And so I spent a fair bit of time doing that while making little bits of art throughout the months including 1 commission I got to do involving Knights of Sidonia. Two highlights of this was a digital art piece I did of Lord Hater from Wander Over Yonder was favorited by Craig McCracken (creator of the show) himself on both Tumblr and Twitter. Very cool stuff.

However the year didnt really kick off until about late September when I was contacted by Jake of Studio Yotta. I had already been considering contacting him and begging him for work when, by fortuitous coincidence, he came to me first. He told me he was working on a secret project and wanted to know if I could help.

As a test he sent me a shot of animation to clean up. I immediately recognized the background art as something I was familiar with from a famous classic PC game of the 90's. I grew quite excited and soon became part of the group of artists working on this:

And so for the last few months up until December began I have been doing work for DoubleFine under the Studio Yotta header as an animator for Full Throttle Remastered. It has made the 2nd half of 2016 one of the best years I've had in a long while. I am incredibly lucky this opportunity came along when it did, and very thankful Jake was kind enough to bring me on.

Of course you'd know this already if you read my tumblr instead of this blog!
Anyway that's all really.
I spent New Year's Eve in the company of friends, eating tiny sausages, watching ghostbusters, and drinking cider.

 And now I'm going back to writing more comic scripts. Toodle-Oo!


Anonymous said...

what's ridiculous is your "career" and your body after it's done getting shot in the chest with a 12gauge.

ZSL said...

What a colossal waste of money that would be

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