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Friday, May 05, 2017


" On the way to the lab, Rex encounters a snake swimming calmly through the waters of the swamp. Deeming it unfit for existence, Rex takes hold of the creature and, with strength only secondary to the gods themselves, enacts his eternal judgement upon the reptile by flinging it through the air to its doom. As the very matter of existence began to tear from the sheer speed of the hapless invertebrate's trajectory, it greatly and easily surpassed the flimsy laws of known physics to become entangled with the fabric of space-time. As the snake bore witness to the blurring of the past, present, and future, beholding all that was and what will be in an instant, it found a sense of calm. Moments later, but like an eternity to the snake, it began to rip apart at the molecular level, leaving quantum ghosts of what once was matter along its path. The speed was so great at this point that the snake's mass became infinite, and when it collided with the water's surface, disintegrating into nothingness, its electrons careening into other dimensions, Rex smirked, knowing that God's law had been carried out."


Justin Cacy said...

The story is mezmerizing, one of your scripts?

Anonymous said...

gods law also states

"Moon man, Moon man, can't you see
Spics and niggers need to hang from trees"

also fun fact Nathan "ya" match both of those descriptions.

ZSL said...

True but I doubt even Moonman and his posse could find a tree strong enough to hold my big fat ass up in the air.