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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A man said to the universe, "Sir, I exsist!"

Oh shiznit.

My internet connection went down for 3 days. And in those 3 days I created that cartoon (if you can call it that), from the link above. I apologize for it.

Anyways, I've been working like hell on my morgue cartoon as of late. The Final action climax is done. This being the scene where the zombie chicken escapes from the hospital , is chased by Manager Bob, and finally makes a smashing exit through a 3rd story window, where he lands on a vehicle, runs down a hill and is crushed by a falling body. All this moves to the William Tell Overture and is, for the most part, choreographed to move with the music.
This scene is done. It looks splendid already, but I'm going to add another layer for extra special effects. I'd like some tire trails being left from the careening car, a sun flair in a few scenes to help establish the presence of being outside, and alot more shrapnel flying about during the two impact sequences. This is stuff I shall add tommorow. Today, however, I must compose music for the scene where Guy3's body floats down the river and over the waterfall and is discovered by the cops.
As I have stated before, this is a really weird cartoon.

But I must say, I have really grown to adore animating frame-by-frame in Flash, particularly in pose-to-pose animation. I'd still give my left nut for a nice touch-screen monitor with an electronic pen so it feels more like paper and I no longer have to use this damnable mouse.
Here are some quick screens:

Well I'm done for now. Go see Batman Begins. Many times.

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Mike said...

nice flash work zekey