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Friday, August 26, 2005

Everything has it's beauty. But not everyone can see it.

Well, after two months, way too many drawings, lots of music editing, lots of sound splicing, and as few tweens as I could manage, my biggest and by far most visually in-depth film is completed.
Behold: The Morgue

It's been a long time coming. I knew the moment it made front page, people would fly to it with hatred. Sadly, they have yet to discover I dont care about their opinions in the least bit. Unless of course they are a funny intelligent person.
Case in point:

discodoris> is that the one you linked yesterday?
Zekilizik> no
Zekilizik> this my new one
Zekilizik> that I worked on for 2 months
stav> it's far too long
Zekilizik> mleh
stav> FAR
Zekilizik> MLEH

Heh. :p
Anyways, so thats that. I am not going to work on any new projects for as long as I possibly can.

In other news, recently I was blessed to see a horrible film over the weekend called "Hell Comes to Frogtown"
It seems some japanese company managed to get ahold of some of America's lamest cinema and are transferring it to DVD.
This is quite obvious, due to the extremly low quality of the DVDs and the fact that when placed it in the player I was granted with but 2 selections "SCENE SELECT" and "STRAT MOVIE"
That's right. It said STRAT.
I wont go much into this movie, but basically Roddy Piper, former wrestler, stars as a weird mixture of a nerd and an Indiana Jones wannabe who is escorted to a massive Frog City by some marginally hot women soldiers. What follows after is alot of hilarious sport-mascot-esque people dressed as athropomorphic frogs running around trying to capture Sam Hell (Roddy Piper). Sam cant seem to decide if he's a badass or a complete wuss. At times he runs around with shotguns blowing up people dressed as frogs eevrywhere. At other times, he runs about squealing in fright like a 7-year-old girl. One particular scene has the second main character whose name escapes, me doing a "sensual" "dance" for the leader of the frogs, a guy named Toady. Toady is so enamoured by her "dance" that his 3 PENISES become erect. She then screams and runs away. Sam finds her, gets into a jeep with a bunch of Asian supermodels who came out of nowhere, and rides into the dessert. Toady gives chase on another jeep, shooting roman candles through the air with his missile launcher. Sam knocks the crazy forest ranger guy from the beggining of the movie off a cliff (where he falls on a very obvious soft cushion). Toady falls off the cliff too, and Sam, for whatever reason, feels sad that he must now impregnate the hot asian supermodels.

For the life of me, I have not seen a more hilariously bad action film.
But it at least had a budget of some kind. (there are ACTUAL explosions!)

Of course this film is FAR better than most B scifi films I've seen. For something from 1986, its a half-decent film. I have yet to see a movie yet that is worse then "FROGS" which is SUCH an amazingly bad movie, that you cant even laugh at it. Because you are SO bored as you watch it, your humor is murdered within the first 15 minutes. There's truly nothing like it. You will be SO depressed when you finish watching Frogs. It's incredible.

In other news, I missed all of the Nextoons on Nickelodeon thus far. It makes me sad. I watched them all last year and enjoyed them quite a bit. But my new octopus-like job has prevented me from being able to see them. One of these days...when I get the guts....and make something worth watching...I will submit my own to Frederator.

But now, I am starving and must eat some lasagna and remix a midi for a friend of mine.

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