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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hey! Lay off the cotton, YOU SWAB!

Happy New Year holiday happy fun luck with nice.
I really need to start writing in this thing more.
I also need to start deleting the spam comments.
Meh. They make it seem as if someone actually reads this thing.

About 2 months ago a forum I habitate run by a man named RenegadeClock had a contest settling around the theme of showing one's personal opinion of the cesspool that is newgrounds, or its authors. So I took a concept I had in my head and tailored it about to suit what I thought to be a vague representation of most large-scale art websites and then pitted the wee hooligans against each other in a coniving battle of greed and indifference.
That cartoon won me a prize, which I exchanged for a nice fancy new Wacom tablet. That tablet finally arrived today. Its sitting on my bed in its box. I'll be heading to my father's place tommorow to give it a test drive.

For christmas I received Swift3d. A program I will probably be installing sometime tonight. I've been wanting to combine 3D and flash for a very long time now, and now I finally can.
Also for christmas I got the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" 20th anniversary double-disk dvd box set. Once again it solidifies the fact that this movie still has some of the most insanely complicated and perfect animation ever put to film.

Anyways, the cartoon I made was called MASS and here is a link.

I used Adam Phillips virtual camera that he uses for the incredible Brackenwood series. That camera is wonderful. Without it that cartoon would have been as smooth as a camel beaten to death by a spiked club.

Currently I need to finish my part for the 5 shades of purple cartoon. I might just go and do that now. Toodles.


Chris said...

I've watched your cartoon, Zecks. Quality as usual. I'm such a suck up but it is good.

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