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Friday, January 27, 2006

The only thing emptier than your uncalled-for advice is your BIG FAT HEAD!

Short post.

2 great things have happened this week.

1.) Disney bought Pixar and have sent their former "creative development" team packing. This is beyond a miracle. This is something impossible. And it has occured. Happy times for the arts folks. Happy happy times.

2.) I finished one of my long-term projects finally and it came out pretty decent. Behold my trippy nonsense music video to a song I love: EXPERIMENT 04

thats about it for now.


hoogiman said...

I shall go and see that now.

Terie and Geralyn said...

Hi Nathan,
I just saw The Red War and wanted to let you know that I think you're the most innovative and skillful animator working today. I also loved Mass and The Morgue. I can't wait until I can see your work on the big screen, because I'll know that the inevitable has finally happened and you're being well compensated for your art. Your animations always leave me speechless. And aware of wonder. Thanks so much.

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