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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Garbage Pan Banana Noodle

I think I'm going to stop trying to get any good at painting.
My best painting thus far is the one with the girl with the weird smile holding all the guns right up towards the camera. Now, I cant get anywhere near that quality anymore. No matter how hard I may try. And this thing with me constantly trying to make something as great as it, and failing, has lead me to believe that painting was a fluke.
Some sort of wondrous blessing that occurred by accident. And each time I try to make anything anywhere near as good as it, is destroying what little self-esteem I have in my own crappy art.
So, as I said, I'm gonna stop.
My skills haven't gotten any better, and neither has my art really.
Its depressing.
Anyway, in my boredom I painted some sort...of.....I dunno. It's like a haunted balloon monster or something. I don't know. I don't care.

As you can see, he has found himself a lovely hat to wear.
God I hate my job.
Florida seems to have the rudest customers imaginable.
People need to learn to chill.

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admin said...

DON'T SAY THAT!!! Your a wonderful painter... sometimes I feel the same way when it comes to playing guitar, I get stuck in stages where I'm not just improving but it almost feels like I'm losing talent, but then I suddenly go through a stage where in 2 weeks I learn how to do such amazing things I never was able to do in the past on guitar.

You ARE getting better, I love your work, each one just as good as the last. I would even love it if you could make a picture for me. I hope you can see your talent soon so you understand what I am talking about.