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Monday, March 26, 2007

I'll worry about you when you're gone...

And each hair on her head is fields of gold wheat
And i'm lying on my back
And i'm falling asleep
Mm hmm hmm hmm

Man I love that song.

The general consensus is that the Hills Have Eyes 2 is the worst sequel done in a long time. But can it top the shockingly bad Men in Black 2? Or as I like to call it "one funny joke in 2 hours of waste"
MIB II broke my heart. :( I mean the original was so good. A perfect blend of comedy and scifi.

Tomorrow is my day off. Unfortunately it is soured by the fact that I have to close on Tuesday. And if its anything like last Tuesday, it will be me stuck in the store with the angry old woman for 4 hours after we close doing all the work while she attempts to stuff candy bars into the already overflowing candy rack. Fucking astonishing.

Part of me wants to simply not go in at all. But then I'd have to find a new place to work. Ugh. I have yet to sell anything with my cafepress shop, so I'm not even bothering with it anymore. And I sure as ropeskipping hell am not shelling out cash monthly for a fancier shop.

Despite noone watching anime on adult swim, and adult swim constantly mocking this fact, they sure did make a pretty cool commercial for Blood. My brother bought the comic book (I am NOT calling it manga), and I read through it. All I got was that some girl working for the government has to kill vampires all over the world or something. Lots of blood and nudity. Good artwork though.

Other than the ilaugh animation contest, I think my efforts need to be placed into the monster book I'm making. A silly book about different kinds of monsters and things and odd stories about the aforementioned monsters and things.

I am glad they are finally showing a different BLADES OF GLORY trailer. They kept reshowing the old one so often I was afraid those were the only funny parts of the movie and they were overcompensating.

Someone needs to remake Inspector gadget. And I dont mean changing it entirely. Simply make it a bit cooler. Give Gadget some weaponry, and more of a athletic physique. Make him cool. I mean he's a robot. A detective robot. He was cool already, and there's still so much potential for the character.
But dont change his personality. Gadget is goof. He has to remain a goof. Thats what made him so fun. His complete obliviousness to the things around him and failure to realize that his neice Penny is the only reason he's still alive and kicking.

Whoever it was who decided to redesign the transformers into anime characters WITH MOUTHS, for this craptastic 3d transformers cartoon thats on cartoon network at 6am really needs a slap. Its like pokemon. Complete with small children in hats being the focus instead of the bloody robots. A trainwreck.

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Isaac said...

I know this is completely off topic, but you got kicked off dA? How? Now I have no idol there D: