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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Magical unicorn mayonnaise.

The local free newspaper "Creative Loafing" or as it once was known "The Weekly Planet" has used the last few weeks to determine the best Pizza Places here in Tampa. They had done this previously with hot wings and thats how I discovered my favorite restaurant "The Firehouse"
So they narrowed it down to the 16 best places and finally the final four. One of the food places in the final four was a little place called "Bono's Pizza" in a slightly creepy little happy sect called Westchase Village.
Westchase Village is one of those little blobs of apartment complexes that are all designed so that everything is symmetrical and surround tiny parks and thrift shops. Westchase Village however has slightly more upscale stuffaroo.
Bono's Pizza was lovely. A small dimly lit room with the scent of garlic and wine in the air, a wine rack against the wall, and a good view of the giant water fountain outside. My father and I ate a pizza called "The Big Apple"

Damn delicious. And one of those rare foods that tastes better as it cools off. Really fantastic. And a HUGE pizza pie.

Anyway, art.

Worst drawing of hands ever. And normally I'm pretty good with hands.

I really should scan my sketchbook. Its alot better than any of my crapola digital art.


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