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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"More human than human" is our motto.



But it moves pretty smooth though. So I am mostly pleased. :]

As I might have mentioned in my last Blogge Poast, Polypepetide is on a very VERY short hiatus.
For you see, I am making a Halloween cartoon. A good friend of mine (and fellow animator Red Mongoose) made a lovely little song called SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS.
Its a catchy little ditty reminds me a bit of Dr.Steel music. I liked it so much, I am making a cartoon of it.

Thats what that walk cycle is from. The top prize for best halloween cartoon on newgrounds this year is a hefty 1000 dollars. And considering I am a gluttin for disappointment, failure, and deluding myself, I figured MAYBE I HAVE A CHANCE. Also my shitty car broke down again. BOY OH BOY. I hate having to jump my car each time I turn it on.
I find it wonderful that I drive this beat up old piece of shit. Meanwhile my mother gets my brother a wonderful brand new car despite him getting in trouble with the law and constant drama between the two of them to the point where noone can stand listening to it anymore.

Speaking of, the other day I awoke to the feeling of something wrigglng on my back. At first I thought "ROOF RATS" and prepared to launch my large body through the air in the hopes that I would crush it with my back upon landing.
But it wasnt a rat. My bro was in my place, and had bought himself a baby python which he had let loose upon my sleeping carcass.
It's a cute little thing named Salazar. The Florida Reptile Show came and went and he snagged the little guy for roughly 16 dollars. Which isnt bad, considering how well bred it is. No blemishes, rich dark brown patches of scales as opposed to grey like most pythons.

Anyway, back to the halloween cartoon. I'd love to show you guys a preview, but there is yet to be an image hosting site that doesnt rip SWF files to shreds and make them look like shit. Well.....shittier.

One thing I love about PaintShopPro are the painting tools. They're so grungy and lovely. So I've been painting some nice trippy nonsense backgrounds for the skeleton cartoon. As its in the same psychedelic vein of the 'Witch Doctor' and 'Birds and the Bees' cartoons, I figured I should keep it colorful and nonsensical.

Here's a couple of the backrounds.


If you look closely, PaintShopPro does a pretty decent job of replicating the look of a real brush and paint.
MUCH better than Photoshop when it comes to that sort of thing.



David said...

Why the butts?
Also, good luck in the Newgrounds contest! You might win. Don't be such a pessimist.

ryan said...

lol thats a pretty funny walk cycle

Anonymous said...

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Can't wait for Polypepitide.

Blogger said...

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