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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's wrong? Lose your nerve? You started out so fearlessly. Go on. Pull the trigger.

Not being able to make loan payments due to having no money is bad for a couple of reasons. For starters, its yet another sign your finances are in poor shape. And it causes the loan company to call you. Not once a week. Not once a day. But 20 TIMES A GOD DAMN DAY.
I've never been one to answer the phone. I lost my passion for torturing telemarketers a long time ago. That, and I try to avoid certain people I know.
But the answering machine, every day, makes me wail OY frustration. It's not my fault the loan people are so incompetent that they cant set their crappy website up properly so that I can consolidate my loans. I cant pay that much per month. Noone can! But they refuse to understand their own plans where they can make me pay less per month, for a longer period of time. That way, when my account hits 0 like it does every month, I'll have managed to have paid them for that period.

This happens every few months. The geniuses at the Grand High Court of Loanification fail to give the proper info to their Grand High Chancellor of Loanery, and rather than fixing it themselves, they instead use the Titanium Phone of Insipid Annoyance to call me over and over and over until I pick up the phone and shout:


Glad to get that out of my system. AND WHATS THE DEAL WITH AIRLINE FOOD?

Sometime between all the hubub of Sonic being in smash brothers and furious google searched for that SOULJA BOY thing, my first online check from zazzle arrived today. Such a sad small check. As of late I've been trying a bit of everything to make some extra money. Entering scammy contests, lotteries, I've even started participating in that hokey online McDonalds Monopoly crap. It runs in flash and looks fixed but by GOD I am so close to winning a 25,000 dollar prepaid visa card. I did win one thing thus far....a download from
Yes precisely what I need, a virtual version of a board game I already own. As McDonalds is very cheap anyway, I might still have a chance of getting more coupons too, as long as I remember to hit it on my lunch break as opposed to publix or subway or that uber-cheap China Taste restaraunt.

Meet the Robinsons will be on dvd soon. It was really a wonderful little film. Silly as hell and fast and entertaining. And the few times where the "family is important" message is enforced are short enough to keep the movie flying at a very brisk pace. Which is perfect.
This and Transformers coming out at the same time means I once again have more movies to recommend to customers other my usual suggestions of Deja Vu, Little Miss Sunshine, The Prestige, and The Descent.

I was gonna write something else here, but I really cant be bothered to.
I will however, link you guys to a preview of my Halloween cartoon.


There you go. I am pretty pleased with it thus far. Ugh. How many times have I said that about things.

Also, apologies to any small children who ride plastic dinosaurs whom I may have offended by this post.


Sparkpro said...

That is a catchy tune and so far looks well choreographed. So now I must watch it again and again...and ... again...
Oh, and good luck with those financial endeavors of yours.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic so far, easily a daily award.

I think you should do a poster or a t-shirt design of the characters on your newgrounds page header. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I was poking around the Zazzle thing, and I really liked the Arcade Alien shirt, but with shipping and all it would be like $30. Are you sure that's the best site to peddle your wares?

Also, Spooky Scary Skeletons looks incredible so far, especially that crazy ambulance, very nice.

R Wappin said...

I freaking love that skeleton thing already. :D

Anonymous said...

Spooky Scary Skeletons was so good that I poo'd myself with glee, and then ate it for the sole purpose of pooing again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thought you might like to know about a program called ScreenSwift... It converts swfs into screen savers. It's free, and the only downside to that is a short splash screen before the screen saver starts up. It's pretty neat; I have Spooky Scary Skeletons as my screen saver now. :)

Just in case you wanted to make your own screen saver or summit.