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Monday, November 19, 2007

Clinging on for life like baby butterflies. I am going to show you how to die like a man

every little piece
every little crease
gonna find the dragon
gonna bind him up
grind him up

Tonight I got ahold of a nice .rar of the soundtrack for the movie The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen.
I've never used a .rar before.
.rar and torrents are like podcasts. I have a vague inkling of what they are but I dont understand how they work, what they do, and how to make one. I'm not too zip-savvy.
The only zip files I ever made were Gzips at college.

So, thanks to the Manchester Morgue, I got a .rar of the complete soundtrack which, due to being out of print since like 1989, costs 75 dollars to buy.
Luckily, I have a program called PowerArchiver which can open pretty much every file in the known universe.
So after fiddling with it for 10 minutes, I soon had an extra folder in my MUSIC folder.
I've been looking for this music for a while, so the tension was very thick. Holding my breath I clicked on the first track which is the tune that plays as the Baron first enters the warring town. And I was greeted by the tinkling sound I knew all too well from watching the movie.

And so now I have it. And I am sitting here typing about how pleased I am to have it, with AstroBoy on tv in front of me, muted. Yes, this was a good night.

Tomorrow I am going to find a local Gateway store and check out their tablet pc. It's a bit above my price range, but that's ok. Gateway make decent stuff. If they don't have what I'm looking for, I'm going to probably get myself a Toshiba M200 tablet laptop. User reviews on it are almost all positive AND its not very expensive at all.

"There's noone on the rack but me!"

God I love this soundtrack.

Speaking of music, today my chum, Mike, greeted me with a new cd of music he had obtained. "Sawdust" by the Killers. Its composed of a bunch of new tracks, b-sides, and unfinished stuff from their "Sam's Town" album.
Unlike their last two albums which felt more like brit-pop rock with lots of techno synths and high octaves, "Sawdust" is more of just proper rock n roll. Lots of guitar riffs, lower keys, and overall just very different. If not for his voice, one would scarcely believe this was by the Killers. A much 'manlier' album I suppose.

Oh yeah

As thanks for letting me use his song, I made this for Red Mongoose. And sent it to him using my ZAZZLE account. Because it's a custom shirt, he's the only person in the world who has it. Due to his song being the main reason SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS ever got made in the first place.

As you might have guessed by the first two pictures I posted, I have been working on Polypeptide quite a bit. I am really hoping to have it done before the year is over, but chances are I'll postpone it again to quickly wonk together some sort of christmas cartoon of some sort.

Another thing is that, if possible, I'd love to do the end of polypeptide using the tablet pc I'm going to get eventually. It might be too late at this point to animate the racing scenes traditionally, but if I can do anything in PP done traditionally, then it's SWEEEEET SWEEEET VICTORY YEAH! IT'S OURS FOR THE TAKING! IT'S OURS FOR THE FIGHT!
But if not, then I can use it for whatever it is I make next.

The other day I rented Atlantis Squarepantis. Now, I love spongebob. The last couple of seasons havent been too great, at least compared to the first few, but then it seems having a movie made of any cartoon seems to suck the wind from the sails of any seasons that come out afterwards.
Either way, Squarepantis was alright. Not really funny so much as it was "Amusing"
It seemed like a tribute to the Beatle's Yellow Submarine film. Lots of singing, and a few cool animated sequences. Mr.Krabs cgi dollar-bill-woodcut art-style sequence and Sandy's really neat 8-bit pixel sequence really stood out. And David Bowie has such a cool voice. As usual, comedian and voice of SpongeBob, Tom Kenny, had the best scenes as the live-action host Patchy the Pirate. He always looks like he's having alot of fun. But then, who wouldnt have fun dressing like a pirate and acting the fool on tv? :D

Also on the DVD was all of the current season's episodes. All of which were much funnier than the movie. Particularly the ones that Aaron Springer worked on.

And just as I finish typing, I have listened to the whole Munchausen soundtrack. Feeling enlightened and happy.

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